Mason Alexander Park

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    Mason Alexander Park
    Pronouns they/them[1]
    Gender identity nonbinary[1]
    Occupation actor

    Mason Alexander Park is a nonbinary actor of stage and screen. They have been in the Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the one-person play I Am My Own Wife[1], the Nickelodeon TV shows Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures and iCarly, the film Before You Know It, and more. In 2020 it was announced that Mason would play the role of Gren in Netflix's live-action version of Cowboy Bebop.[2] They also play Jendrix, a genderqueer character, in the musical podcast Loveville High.[3]

    For their role as The Emcee in Olney Theatre Center's production of Cabaret, they won a 2020 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Lead Performer in a Musical.[4]

    In 2021 they were cast to play Desire – a nonbinary immortal, a sibling of the title character – in the television adaptation of the graphic novel series Sandman by Neil Gaiman and various artists.[5]

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    « For any actor who has lived their life outside of the gender roles, it allows them to bring something a little more nuanced to each character and make something believable out of it. That's what is cool about being a nonbinary actor. I feel that I can put as much into the male roles as the female roles — and all the ones in between, too. I've had the experience of all of those characters and I have had the experience of trying to fit into those worlds as much as I possibly could as I was trying to figure out who I was.[6] »

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