Hi! I'm Ondo, co-founder of this wiki together with Mash. My profile on Pronouny. You can see what I'm working on in my test pages: User:Ondo/tests and User:Ondo/tests 2.

Ideas and stuff to keep in mindEdit

  • Gender 101 for Nonbinary people - Done!
  • Fix broken images (note June 2023: I don't know what past Ondo meant. Potentially red links to images, or maybe thumbnails that don't render properly?)
  • Improve Practical resources
  • Broken links: attempt to set up the Internet Archive Bot?

Policy and administration (always with community approval)Edit

  • Expand Style guide.
  • Specific content policy. -- Done!
  • "Template policy"? (i.e. when to use {{stub}} or {{incomplete}}, etc.)
  • Proper citation templates (see Drag, for example)
  • Deal with duplicate files. Automated script: detect whether a duplicate file is for the same identity (same word in file name?) or not, split them into different lists.

Specific articles to be expandedEdit

  • Resolve feedback issues on Genderqueer.
  • Androgyny: history section, I think there's some relevant ancient history. It is be June's featured article.
  • Ambonec: Pride flags missing, see Talk:Ambonec
  • Hormone therapy (maybe?)
  • We have nothing about tucking and packing! -- Done!
  • Coming out -> really important!!!
  • Gender needs huge reform. [1]
  • English neutral language: feature the "best" words: the ones that feel more natural or have an etymological basis? -- Done!
  • What to do with Frequently Asked Questions?
  • In general, review all references to the Gender Census and edit or add the new data from the 2023 Census

Useful or interesting external linksEdit