Amy Ray

Amy Elizabeth Ray is an American singer-songwriter and member of the contemporary folk duo Indigo Girls. She also pursues a solo career and has released six albums under her own name, and founded a record company, Daemon Records.

Amy Ray
Amy Ray at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ 04202012 2sm.jpg
Amy Ray on a 2012 tour
Date of birth April 12, 1964
Place of birth Decatur, Georgia, USA
Nationality American
Gender identity "half and half"
Occupation singer-songwriter

Speaking about her own gender identity to The Georgia Voice in 2012, she said, "I am half and half and whatever you call me is fine. I work every day to be comfortable in my body and in rare transcendent moments, I am, but it's the job of my lifetime to appreciate my physicality and always project what is inside me so I can celebrate this life I’ve been given."[1]

In 2013, Indigo Girls announced they would not be performing at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival after that year unless the festival rescinded its trans-exclusionary "women-born-women" policy, and that Indigo Girls would donate any of their 2013 profits from MichFest to transgender activism.[2]


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