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Androgyny is a wide category of gender expression that either mixes or omits markers of both feminine and masculine gender expression. This can include vocal androgyny, androgyny in clothing (such as genderfuck), and other forms of presentation and expression seen as androgynous. A person who looks androgynous may or may not intend to look so.

An androgynous gender expression is different than an androgynous gender identity. A person who looks androgynous, or who calls their gender expression androgynous, doesn't necessarily call their gender identity androgyne. People with a nonbinary gender identity don't necessarily have or want to have an androgynous gender expression. That said, the difference between an identity and an expression are not always clear. Some androgynous gender identities and expressions include androgyne, bigender, genderqueer, intergender, and yinyang ren, although this depends on the individual's definition.

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