Christine and the Queens

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Christine and the Queens
Christine And The Queens - Southside Festival 2019 3830.jpg
Chris performing in 2019
Date of birth 1 June 1988
Place of birth Nantes, France
Nationality French
Pronouns He / Him[1]
Gender identity genderqueer man[2][3]
Occupation singer-songwriter

Christine and the Queens, or simply Chris, is a French singer-songwriter. The artist name "Christine and the Queens" is based on drag queens who taught Chris how to play with gender.[4]

Chris identifies as pansexual because of perceived binary-ness of the term bisexual.[5]

Chris is genderqueer[2] but not trans.[5]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Once we free women of stereotypes, we can free men as well. Men will be allowed to cry in public, and actually be queer and feminine. Some guys like Young Thug make me believe in the fragile thug, the feminine thug. I'm waiting for gender-fluidity to actually rule the world and then we can all be free."[6]

"Feminism, it helps men, as well. If we don't have one way to be a woman, then we don't have one way to be a man. Everybody wins! There's a lot to be done, still. Because you feel, with the Internet, with discussion articles, it comes in waves. It goes forward, and then it goes backward, and then it goes forward again. With the Internet, with people like FKA twigs and Arca, you get to see more and more ways of existing. People are going to be, hopefully, exposed to many different ways to be an artist and a man and a woman and a trans man and a trans woman. It's all about being seen and heard, a fight to be recognized and to be there. The more brave artists we have, the more people will catch on."[7]

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