Ciarán Strange

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Ciarán Strange
Date of birth 8 August 1989[1]
Nationality English
Pronouns he/him or they/them[2]
Gender identity enby and trans[3]/transmasc[4]
Occupation musician, actor

Ciarán Strange (previously Kieran Strange) is a singer/songwriter/actor/graphic novelist. His big break came in early 2014 when he was commissioned to compose the theme song for TV's first-ever transgender-focused sitcom, The Switch.[5] He also voice acts Lorelei in the videogame Borderlands 3[6] and Luca Esposito in the English dub of the anime ​Astra: Lost In Space.[1]

He has also written an MLM paranormal romance thriller novel titled "Black Tie".[7]

Albums[edit | edit source]

  • Last Hero Standing (2015)

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