Communications (UK)

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This list, in alphabetical order, lists internet and telephone companies in the UK whose status on genderqueer and nonbinary identity acceptance is known. Edits should, where possible, link to evidence.

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BE BroadbandEdit

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? No.
  • Do they allow no title? No.
  • Evidence: Customer investigation, October 2011.
  • Notes: Will put a note on your account informing their employees of your correct title.

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Mobile network

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes
  • Do they allow no title? Yes (by default)
  • Evidence: Screenshot, October 2013.
  • Notes: Do not request a title. Titles can be entered manually as part of first name on website.

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Virgin MediaEdit

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Zen InternetEdit

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes, definitely Mx, perhaps any at all.
  • Do they allow no title? Not sure.
  • Evidence: Screenshot, May 2014.
  • Notes: All changes to customer details are done by email ( I asked to have mine changed from Mr Cxxx Mxxx to Mx Cxxx Mxxx and the change was made within 48 hours. Don't know if they will accept no title at all.

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