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A rhombus is a botanical symbol for a plant of unknown sex, as well as a standard family tree symbol for a person of unknown gender.

This page is for collecting resources on the topic of family that have to do with nonbinary identity.

Family and relationship wordsEdit

Some nonbinary people don't feel right about being called words that give an idea of being female or male. Many words for family titles and relationships do: mother, brother, husband, girlfriend, and so on. Nonbinary people who prefer to be called by gender-neutral words can ask to be instead called parent, sibling, spouse, datemate, and so on. See the page Gender neutral language - Family and relationship words for a long list. This includes some new words that are not just gender-neutral, but specifically genderqueer, for nonbinary people only.

Family treesEdit

A diagram of a person's family is called a genogram or pedigree. These diagrams use a symbols for different kinds of people and relationships. This includes some standard symbols for a person's sex or gender. A square represents a man or boy, and a circle represents a woman or girl. The standard genogram symbol for a person whose gender is unknown is a rhombus or triangle. Some nonbinary people, if they are put into a family tree diagram, may prefer to have themselves represented by a genderless symbol.

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