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Femmeflux is identity under the genderflux umbrella. This term may be associated with “girlflux”, but is an alternate term for those who do not identify as girls, women, or females, but do identify as feminine in fluctuation. The femininity typically fluctuates against an agender identity. In someone’s own experience with how quickly that identity fluctuates, they may range in identity anywhere from 0% agender and 100% feminine, to 100% agender and 0% feminine. Biological sex has no influence on this, as it’s a gender identity.

It is common for those who identify with femmeflux to use pronouns such as “she/her”, “they/them”, or a combination of both (she/they), but are not set as pronouns for this identity, they are just a common preference.

Because one is femmeflux does not mean they are homosexual.