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This list, in alphabetical order, lists gas and electricity suppliers in the UK whose status on genderqueer and nonbinary identity acceptance is known. Edits should, where possible, link to evidence.

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British Gas


  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? No.
  • Do they allow no title? Yes.
  • Evidence:
  • Notes:
    • Email January 2015 explicitly saying they were unable to support Mx, and they used a gendered title rather than the "no title" they were told was preferable.
    • Telephone June 2016: titles may now be blank but not Mx or free text.

Good Energy

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes; any.
  • Do they allow no title? Yes.
  • Evidence: Screengrab of sign-up form, March 2014.
  • Notes: They changed it in response to requests from multiple customers, though it did take a few years.

Link to homepage.

Ovo Energy

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Yes; Mx; phone-only.
  • Do they allow no title? Yes; phone-only.
  • Evidence: Statement scan, September 2013
  • Notes: As of a phone conversation February 2013, they accepted both Mx as my title and no title. The switch-online web form does *not* support those options, so you'll have to call, but the staff were very helpful and accepting.

Link to Ovo Energy homepage.

Scottish Power

Link to homepage.

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