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This page lists Hindi terms related to gender and sex. They are sorted according to the Latin transcription in alphabetical order.

Hindi Latin transcription English translation or explanation
लिंग Ling Gender
उभयलिंगी ubhayalingii all gender minorities , this word is used for a wide variety of gender nonconforming and non-binary gender identities and gender expressions (includes transgender persons)
बाइनरी bainarii Binary, a gender identity that fits neatly into only one of the two genders in a gender binary system. (the Hindi language also uses it for bisexuality.)
बुच buc Butch. A masculine gender identity or expression, which some see as a non-binary gender.
अंडकोश निकालना andkosh nikalnaa Emasculation, a surgery to take away the penis and testicles.
लिंग पहचान ling pahachaan Gender identity, "An individual’s internal sense of gender, which may or may not be the same as one’s gender assigned at birth." Most people identify as the gender that they were assigned at birth. They are described as 'cisgender' by the transgender community, who do not identify with their assigned birth genders.
ट्रांसजेंडर traansjendar Transgender, an umbrella term for those with gender identities that don't match the genders they were assigned at birth.
ट्रांससेक्सुअल Ṭrānsasēksu'al Transsexual, a kind of transgender person who wants to physically transition to a different gender than they were assigned at birth.
समलैंगिक samlaingik Is used to refer to a gay, lesbian or a drag king/queen.
नॉन बाइनरी non bainarii Nonbinary, an umbrella term for all who don't identify as just female or male. Though there are many kinds of nonbinary gender identities, some people identify as "nonbinary" only.

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