Glossary of Irish gender and sex terminology

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This page lists Irish terms related to gender and sex. They are alphabetically ordered according to the words in Irish.

  • aerach: gay
  • aiteach: queer
  • ceisteach: questioning
  • cis-inscneach: cis-gender
  • cis-ghnáthach: cisnormativity
  • dé-anamúil / duine a bhfuil dhá spiorad ann/inti/iontu/iúmh: Two Spirit / Person with two spirits
  • déghnéasach: bisexual
  • dénárthacht inscne: gender binary
  • gan-ghnéasach: asexual
  • gan-rómánsach: aromantic
  • idirghnéas: intersex
  • leispiach: lesbian
  • painghnéasach: pansexual
  • trasinscneach: transgender
  • teacht amach: "coming out"