India Jordan

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India Jordan
Nationality English
Pronouns they/them[1] or name only
Gender identity nonbinary
Occupation music producer/DJ

India Jordan is an English music producer/DJ.[2] They came out as nonbinary in a December 2019 Instagram post, saying:

« I don't identify as female (I rly dislike being called a “female DJ” generally so pls don't do that) and over the last couple of years gender has felt quite fluid for me. What I feel I fully identify with isn't something I’m certain on - which is partly why I've been hesitant to post something for ages, I feel like I've needed to "make up my mind" and "be certain" but we all know it’s not as easy as that, and it mightn't be something I'm ever sure of. For now, I know that the gender binary isn't something that I fall into, and I ask that you refer to me using they/them pronouns or simply by my name.[3] »


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