Jamie Wildman

Jamie Wildman was a nonbinary lesbian and LGBT+ activist. Jamie was a participant in the London musical "Carnation for a Song" about older LGBT+ people.[1]

Jamie Wildman
Date of birth 1950[1]
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, USA[2]
Date of death 2020
Nationality American
Pronouns None, use name[3]
Gender identity nonbinary lesbian[3]

Jamie came out as lesbian in 1969 at the age of 19, and came out as nonbinary at 69 in April 2020. Jamie stated in a video for PinkNews that "I had transgender tendencies" as a child, and had prayed to become male.[3]

Jamie passed away from cancer in 2020, shortly after coming out as nonbinary.[4]


« I think I learned that I was nonbinary before [1969], but I just didn't have the definition. [...] I didn't feel comfortable calling myself a lesbian, not because I have anything against lesbians, I just didn't feel I really fit in. I still don't feel like I really fit in any category.[3] »


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