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This list of uncommon nonbinary identities contains gender identities that have been coined by various people but are not widely-used. This does not mean that the identity is not valid, but that not many people have decided to use it (More information...). See also List of nonbinary identities.


  • abimegender. A gender which is profound, deep, and infinite.[1] This is a kind of xenogender, meaning that it's defined without relation to female or male, but instead to other concepts.
  • aerogender. "Where an individual’s gender relies highly on their setting and/or atmosphere, which can be composed of a great number of things (ex. who they’re around, their level of comfort, the temperature, the weather, the time of day/year, etc.). ... Coined by tenderagender".[2]
  • aesthetigender or aesthetgender. "A gender experience that is derived from, or the embodiment of, an aesthetic."[3] or "A gender experience that is derived from, or the embodiment of, an aesthetic."[4] A kind of xenogender.
  • affectugender. A gender that is affected by one’s neurodivergency especially fluctuating moods, e.g. feeling like a boy during depressive episodes and feeling more like a demigirl during happy/manic episodes.[5] A kind of neurogender, meaning that it's defined in relation to a mental variation. Coined by: joysooyoungs. Keywords: Depression, mood disorders, bipolar, BPD[6] Note: for people with mood disorders and personality disorders only.
  • agenderflux. "Where you identify as agender but have fluctuations where you feel feminine or masculine but not male or female. Coined by: perfectlybrokenbones".[7]
  • alexigender. Coined by eaglestrike in 2014. "A fluid gender experience, where you are aware that your gender is changing but cannot label each individual gender".[8] A kind of genderfluid.
  • aliagender (from Latin alius, "other") is “A gender experience which is 'other', or stands apart from existing gender constructs.”[9]
  • aliengender. "A gender that is an interpretation of a gender or genders, from a nonhuman perspective. may or may not like to fit into a gender and adopt a gender, but in a sort of ‘alien trying out foreign species’s gender’ way."[10]
  • amaregender. Coined by transmomoi in 2014. "A gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with".[11] A kind of genderfluid.
  • ambigender. As defined by Baaphomett in 2014, "Experiencing two genders simultaneously and without fluidity or shifting."[12] Syn. Bigender?
  • ambonec. A nonbinary "gender identity in which you identify as both male and female, yet you also identify as neither, at the same time."[13][14][15]
  • amicagender. Coined by transmomoi in 2014. "A gender that changes depending on which friend you’re with at the moment".[16]
  • amorgender is defined as when your gender changes whilst in the presence of an individual to whom you have developed a deep connection for. This could be a romantic attraction, platonic connection, a spiritual affinity or anything similar. Can be combined with relevant genders to express what your gender changes to.[17][18]
  • antiaporagender "also similar to aporagender, a gender that is neither masculine nor feminine and has a gendered feeling, but the feeling isn’t specific or strong".[18]
  • antiboy. The opposite of a boy, but not a girl.[18]
  • antibigender "a bigender experience where one or both genders are antigenders".[18]
  • antifluid. "a genderfluid experience where one or more of the genders experienced are antigenders".[18]
  • antigender is a category of "Genders that can only be defined as the opposite of an existing gender. For instance: antiboy would be the opposite of a boy. antigirl would be the opposite of a girl.""[19] The word was coined by asexualjavert[20] and kgmps2.[21] Similarly, ungender (coined by Baaphomett) is a category of genders that are "Not without but a negative; an unboy would be the negative of a boy and an ungirl would be the negative of a girl."[22] (Note that this has a homonym that is widely used in the transgender community: "to ungender" is a verb similar in meaning to the verb "to misgender," that is, to portray someone's gender in a degrading way that they would not have wanted.) Antigenders are under the umbrellas of nonbinary and transgender identities, as well as possibly xenogender.
  • antigirl. The opposite of a girl, but not a boy.[18]
  • apagender. Coined in 2014 by anonymous. "Someone who is apathetic towards their gender identity and doesn’t care enough to look further into it."[23] Keywords: apathy. Compare cassgender, commogender, gendermeh, genderwhat, nologender, personagender.
  • aquarigender Coined by 8-bit-angel in 2014. "A gender that is perpetually changing. It is never to a specific gender identity, but sometimes there are existing labels that are close to what the gender feels like at the time. Sometimes it changes to a completely inexplicable feeling. Aquarigender is a flowing gender that changes slowly and constantly. It is not a set amount of genders that it switches between. Aquarigender is infinite. (Aquarigender can alternatively be called genderflow.)"[24]
  • argogender, argogenderfluid. Coined by gyey in 2014. "A subset of genderfluid wherein the changes between one’s separate genders or the parts of one’s gender happen gradually. 'Argogender' can also mean a gender the user defines according to any kind of slowness. Prefix from the Greek word αργóς meaning slow."[25]
  • archaicgender. Coined by irredeemablegoety. "A gender that stretches far beyond one’s own age or lifetime. The vast-age of this gender has allowed it to grow far beyond whatever size/presence one would expect, or perhaps to shrink down and almost be forgotten."[26] Synonyms: archaigender, historiagender. Keywords: time
  • archaigender. Coined by completelynormalscientist. "A gender that is ancient/old and big, and can either only be described with those words, or is correlated to them. Can be changed into archaiboy/girl/nonbinary/other."[27] Synonyms: archaicgender, historiagender. Keywords: time
  • arithmogender. Coined by furryhell. "A number gender. It can range from any number/s, positive, negative, decimals, fractions, etc. gender can be replaced with xirl, fluid, girl, boi, nb, nonbinary, boy, enby, etc."[28] Keywords: abstract concepts, symbols
  • astergender. "Latin - related to 'star'. Having a gender which is bright, celestial, and radial."[29] Keywords: light, nature, shape, space, symbols


  • blizgender. Coined by asperdemigirl in 2014. "Similar to frostgender [which is cold and snowy], but more intense and sometimes harsh."[30][31] Keywords: nature, temperature, synaesthesia, aesthetic, xenogender
  • boggender or swampgender: A gender that feels like, or can be compared to a bog, swamp, marsh or similar.[32] (Coined by anonymous).
  • bordergender or borderfluid (coined by izayaorihahaha[33]) is defined as a fluctuating gender experienced exclusively by people with BPD. A gender identity lacking a firm grasp on ones identity, while still experiencing gender, to varying degrees, but having trouble pinning it down to just one label or identity. Having the sense of grasping at labels as much as possible to describe a gender we keep questioning because we keep second guessing our sense of selves and, consequentially, our sense of gender. A type of neurogender.
  • brevigender. Coined by curiosityismysin. "A gender experience that is brief or short."[34]


  • cadogender. From Latin cado "to fall," Coined by can-i-hide-in-you in 2014. "A subcategory of polygender identities (genderfluid, bigender, trigender, etc.) to have a gender to fall back on or one that you always go back to. ... Can be used with other terms like cadoboy, cadogirl, cadonb, cadoandrogyne, etc."[35]
  • cadensgender. "A gender that is easily influenced by music."[36]
  • caelgender. Coined by transmomoi. A gender which shares qualities with outer space or has the aesthetic of space, stars, nebulae, etc.[37]
  • cassgender. Coined by okaygender. "Feeling utterly indifferent to gender, believing it isn’t important."[38]
  • cendgender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. "From ascend/descend. when your gender changes between one gender and its antigender. the word gender can be replaced be the gender involved, for example cendgirl is when you flip between girl and antigirl."[39]
  • cheiragender. Gk. χειραγώγηση. Coined by furryhell. "A fluid gender that’s manipulative towards the being whose gender aligns with it (to make it simple, i’m just gonna refer to them as the ‘owner’). while it is manipulative itself, it can be easily manipulated by it’s owner. typically the gender and owner don’t usually agree with each other, so it’s usually a gender tug-of-war (of course this isn’t necessary or always like this; they can agree on something and they can also just not care at the time, most of the time, etc). the intensity of the manipulation from both the gender and owner can change day to day. ... a fluid gender that you basically play gender tug-of-war with."[40]
  • cocoongender. Coined by passengender in 2014. "A gender that has not come out yet, a gender that has yet to emerge in its full form."[41]
  • commogender. "Definitely knowing you aren’t cis, but you’re too exhausted to think about gender so you just settle for boy or girl, e.g. commoboy and commogirl. coined by: definition coined by anonymous user, term coined by transmomoi."[42]
  • cogitogender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. "A gender that only exists when you think about it, or is quiet until called to attention. alternatively, feeling genderless until a gender is consciously chosen."[43]
  • collgender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. Having "too many simultaneous genders to describe each one."[44]
  • condigender. Coined by robotxt in 2014. "A gender that is only felt under specific circumstances. can apply to any existing gender such as girl, boy, non-binary, etc. for example, a condigirl may only feel like a girl during specific times or with specific people, a condiboy may only feel like a boy during specific times or with specific people, so on."[45]
  • conflictgender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. "A gender that involves the conflict between two or more genders that you can’t place a name to as the genders fluctuate constantly and you may not always feel a certain gender on some days but it’s definitely there."[46]
  • contigender. Coined by hardcoreshounen in 2014. "1. a gender that flows through space and time and constantly changes, always moving 2. a gender of or related to space and time. this gender can be used by itself or along with another gender to describe its state of movement e.g. a conti agender or a contigender demigirl."[47] Keywords: space, time, movement, change, genderfluid
  • contragender. Coined by tenderagender. "Someone who deeply defies and identifies opposite or against everything or most things that they associate with their assigned gender. (ex. contragender nb person, contragender trans woman, contragender trans man, etc.)".[48]
  • corugender or flashgender Coined by gmaora in 2014. "where your gender changes during (and around) flashbacks. based on the Latin for flash (coruscans). note: only for neurodivergent people."[49]
  • cosmicgender. Coined by dragon-friker in 2014. "A gender so vast and complex that you are only able to process a small bit of it at a time. like viewing the night sky through a telescope you cannot hope to see all of it at once however you may gain more knowledge about parts of it the longer you focus on one part. may contain any number of sub genders within it that may present themselves to you. it is infinite in its possibility. name from the vast reaches of space filled with things we cannot begin to imagine."[50] Keywords: size, change
  • cryptogender, gendercryptic. Coined by puurpel in 2014. "A gender one can’t discern, describe or define in human words. a gender one is puzzled by and can’t put a finger on, as it feels like it is and it isn’t there without following any particular pattern, sometimes even at the same time. the impenetrability, ambiguity and uncertainty that surround this gender are vaguely reminiscing of cryptids, ghouls and the paranormal."[51] Keywords: confusion, questioning
  • crystagender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. "When your gender randomly changes, and you often feel broken or fractured between multiple different genders. For example, on one day, you might feel like you’re 110% agender, but on the next you’re broken into demigirl&nan0boy, androgynous, etc. Whether you feel like you switch between these genders throughout the time period, or feel like all at once, is up to the person."[52]
  • cyclogender. Coined by flynneleh in 2014. "A gender identity that changes with one's menstrual cycle." [53].


  • deaboy, deamasculine. From Latin dea "goddess," coined by anonymous in 2014. "for masculine-identified or partially masculine-identified people that still feel a connection to feminine energy due to their spirituality. Intended for pagans but totally okay for anyone who practices goddess worship or feminine energy."[54] Counterparts: deogirl, deofeminine. Keywords: religion, spirituality, deity.
  • deliciagender. From Latin delicia "favorite," coined by twerkingobserver in 2014. "To have multiple genders, but preferring how one fits over others. Could be used as deliciagender, or deliciaboy/girl/nonbinary."[55] Keywords: genderfluid, multigender
  • deogirl, deofeminine. From Latin deo "god," coined by anonymous in 2014. "For feminine-identified or partially feminine-identified people that still feel a connection to masculine energy due to their spirituality. Intended for pagans but totally okay for anyone who practices gods worship or masculine energy worship of any kind."[56] Counterpart: deaboy, deamasculine.
  • demiflux. A gender identity for "someone whose gender is partially fluid with the other part(s) being static; this differs from 'demifluid' as '-flux' indicates that one of the genders is neutral; an example could be: one part of their gender is 'genderqueer' while the part that fluctuates is 'agender' and 'woman'."[57] "A term for polygender/bigender individuals to describe when one of their genders is “static” and the other ranges in intensity and presence. coined by: aflutteringlaney" [58]
  • digigender. Coined by furryhell. "A digital gender. it can range from any digital thing or file; virus, malware, .txt, .mp3, anti-virus, trojan, email, etc. gender can be replaced with girl, xirl, nonbinary, nb, enby, fluid, boy, boi, etc."[59][60] Keywords: abstract concepts, technology, symbols
  • dulcigender. (Coined by transmomoi). An aesthetically-centered gender that is associated largely with stereotypically feminine things (such as pinks, frills, buns, and general cute things).[61]
  • duragender. From Latin dura "long-lasting," coined by genderlost in 2014. "A subcategory of polygender (genderfluid, bigender, trigender, etc) with an identifiable, long lasting gender that is more prominent than the other genders experienced. ex: duragirl, duraboy, duranonbinary, etc."[62]


  • eafluid. Coined by a-tiny-peach in 2014. "Genderfluid but mostly/only fluid with androgynous [non-binary] genders (based on earth symbol)". Syn. nobifluid, enbyfluid [63]
  • earthgender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. A gender identity that has to do with the Earth or nature, or the deities and living beings thereof.[64][65] Keywords: elements, nature, spirituality, animals, beings
  • effreu. From French effrayant "scary" + neutre "neutral," coined by angeligender in 2014. A scary non-binary gender. "It is a [non-binary] gender, may be paired with agender and other genders." Counterparts: effrille, effron.[66] Keywords: emotion
  • effrille. From French effrayant "scary" + fille "girl," coined by angeligender in 2014. "Scary girl. it is a [non-binary] girl gender, may be paired with agender and other genders." Counterparts: effron, effreu.[66]
  • effron. From French effrayant "scary" + garçon "boy", coined by angeligender in 2014. "Scary boy. it is a [non-binary] boy gender, may be paired with agender and other genders." Counterparts: effrille, effreu.[66]
  • egoisgender. Coined by furryhell in 2014, from Danish egoistisk. "An egotistical gender, much like narkissisgender but generally it’s not as ‘intense’ as narkissisgender is so to speak. it can be used by anyone. gender can be replaced with boi, xirl, nonbinary, fluid, etc."[67] The synonym of this word that can only be used by people who have narcissistic personality disorder is narkissisgender.
  • endogender. Latin endo "within," coined by ness-kin in 2014. "A gender similar to genderflux, but limited specifically to one gendered feeling. For example, a endoboy has fluctuating masculine gender feelings, but never feelings that are not partially masculine." [68].
  • entrogender. From "entropy." Coined by gyey in 2014. "A gender that is slowly but constantly wearing away. Can also be used like “demi,” e.g. an entrogirl might be someone who identifies as female while that femaleness is gradually deteriorating." [69].
  • epicene. 1. Gender-neutral or genderless. Having the characteristics of more than one gender, or having no gender characteristics. 2. An effeminate man.[70][71][72]
  • eunuch. A person who was assigned male at birth and had some or all of their private parts removed. Some transgender people think of themselves as eunuchs. Some think of eunuch as a nonbinary gender identity.[73]
  • evaisgender, evainsgender. Greek ευαίσθητος. Coined by furryhell in 2014. "A fluid gender that’s easily influenced by things, thoughts and beings around it, thus it tends to change a lot within a single day." [74]
  • explorogender. Coined by toudoo and anonymous in 2014. "A gender dedicated to feeling and exploring many other different genders at random times and its constantly changing (explorogender can change DAILY and you can change it daily, explorogender is just a name FOR that desire to constantly explore and change your gender, also can change the word gender to ANY gender/noun of what youre feeling). note: this does not extend the ability to explore genders people don’t have access to (neurodivergent and cultural ones, etc.)" [75]


  • faegender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. "When an individual’s gender changes with the seasons, equinoxes, and moon phases." [76]. Keywords: seasons, nature, moon, lunar phases, lunar cycle, cyclic
  • fascigender. Coined by autisticjakeenglish in 2014. "A gender experience largely related to a special interest. note: only for the use of autistic folk." [77] Keywords: autism, neurodiversity, neurodivergent
  • faunagender. Coined by nooklicker. A "gender influenced by animals."[78][79] Keywords: animals, nature, beings
  • felinegender, felidaegender, feligender, or felisgender. (Coined by gluskinner). "A gender corresponding to cats. When you feel fuzzy, and fluffy, and really want your chin scratched."[80]
  • firegender. (Coined by deanwinchesterinmyheart). A fluid gender in a constant state of change that never truly extinguishes. Aesthetically linked to fire as a visual metaphor or symbol.[81]
  • fissgender. Coined by curiosityismysin in 2014. "A gender experience that is in some way split, similar to bigender or demigenders."[3].
  • flirtgender, amogender, or genderamas. Coined by fluiditylife in 2014. "a gender where your primary interaction with gender feelings is that of flirtiness - either with gender, or people/the outside world" [82][83].
  • fluidflux. A gender identity that changes over time and also varies in intensity.[citation needed]
  • foggender (coined by autisticlynx[84]) is defined as a gender which is close to a certain gender, but cannot be directly pinpointed due to brainfog (a lack of concentration or wakefulness associated with ADHD, fibromyalgia, depression, etc.)
  • freezegender. Coined by asperdemigirl in 2014. "Similar to frostgender [which is cold and snowy], but it also encompasses other genders as well. such as a freezegirl experiencing both a cold and snowy gender but also being a female, for example."[85][86] Syn. wintgender, wintegender. Keywords: nature, demigender, temperature, season, synaesthesia
  • frostgender. Coined by asperdemigirl in 2014. "A gender which is cold and very snowy."[87][88] Keywords: temperature, nature, season, synaesthesia.
  • FTN. Female-to-neuter (or neutral, or neutrois) transsexual (or transgender).[89]
  • FTX. Female-to-X, covering people who were assigned female at birth, and who identify as nonbinary or X-gender.[90]


  • Gallus (pl. Galli, also Gallae). In ancient Rome (c. 204 BCE), many of the ancient priest(esse)s of the goddess Cybele were Gallae, voluntary eunuchs who were analogous to either transgender women, or to a nonbinary gender role. The tradition has been revived today: some worshipers of Cybele-- and some trans and nonbinary individuals-- call themselves Gallae. One of their temples is in New York. Why this is considered poorly-attested: Need demographics. Need evidence that this is nonbinary, rather than another gender role.
  • gemelgender. Coined in 2014, from "Old French - related to 'twin', 'two connected', 'one made to be two'. Having two genders which are equally primary or having a fluid gender which was once one but is currently two, split, separated, or twain." [91] Similar: bigender. Keywords: genderfluid.
  • gemigender. Coined by genderarchive in 2014. "A gender derived from the zodiac sign gemini. feeling that you identify with multiple genders that are opposite to each other but yet work in flux with each other." [92] Keywords: genderfluid.
  • gendercluster. coined by: aetherkinbirb "a gender that is a cluster of multiple sub genders which may overlap sometimes" [93].
  • gender-blank. Having no gender.[94][95]. Syn. agender.
  • genderblur. Coined by sleepylehane in 2014. "Where your gender changes constantly but fades away into something else rather than making a hard or abrupt transition. (ex. feeling like a boy, then slowly feeling more stargender than boy, then feeling only stargender, etc.)." [96] Syn. genderfade. Keywords: genderfluid.
  • genderdormant. Coined by someheckingnerd in 2014. "A gender which is inaccessible for stretches of time, then rises to the surface with varying levels of intensity." [97] Keywords: genderfluid, genderflux.
  • genderfae. Coined by anonymous in 2014. "An experience of genderfluidity that never encompasses feeling masculine." [98] Similar: femmefluid, antigender. Keywords: feminine, neutral. See: genderfaun
  • genderfaun. A variation of genderfluidity in which one's gender changes exclusively between androgynous and masculine identities. See: genderfae
  • genderflora. Coined by softsaionji in 2014. "A gender that blooms and evolves based on weather and atmosphere; similar to genderfluid but more plant-like."[99]
  • gender-free, or genderfree. Having no gender identity.[100] Syn. agender.
  • genderfuzz. Coined by lolzmelmel in 2014. "having multiple genders that are fuzzy and blurred together, making it impossible to identify each one individually or separate one from the rest. alternative names: blurgender (not to be confused with genderblur)"[101]
  • genderglitch. Coined by queercodedkid in 2014. "Genderglitch is similar to genderfluidity, however while genderfluidity is normally described as your genders changing smoothly, genderglitch is more sudden and confusing. note: created by a techkin [technology otherkin] with kin [otherkin] in mind, but available to use by nonkin [people who don't identify as otherkin]." [102] Keywords: otherkin, technology. Not to be confused with glitchgender.
  • gendergoliath. Coined by omegaleveltelepathsdoitbetter. "Gender is almost larger than life, like it’s spilling out of your body. It takes up a lot of space and is just awe inspiring."[103] Keywords: size, shape, space
  • genderliminal. Coined on August 16th, 2018 by tumblr user genderless-gibberish. It's a gender on the edge of existing and not existing (between gender and agender), or one that dances between the two.
  • gendermeh. Coined by branacle in 2014 as "where youre kinda cool w being called any gender, like whatever. you might not be that gender, you might not know your gender, but meh."[104]
  • gender-null. Having no gender identity. Syn. agender.
  • genderopaque. Coined by curiosityismysin. "A gender experience that is neither transparent or translucent."[105] Keywords: shape, synaesthesia, texture
  • genderpotion. Coined by autisticfluttershy in 2014. "a gender that is the result of a mix of many other, different genders."[106] Keywords: multigender.
  • gendersea. Coined by anonymous. "Like gendervoid [see below], but related to the ocean. your gender is a vast sea of caverns and depths yet to be discovered. free for all to use but made with otherkin related to the ocean or sea creatures in mind."[107] Keywords: animals, elements, nature, water
  • gender shuffler. Coined by muddiewaters in 2014. "mixing and matching two or more genders. Can also change the number of genders at one time." [108]
  • genderspiral. Coined by anonymous. "a gender that seems to spiral downward into more genders when you try to figure it out." Syn. genderswirl, genderfractal [109]
  • genderwhat. 1. Coined by daedric-cisphobe in 2014. "A gender characterized by both confusion and apathy with regards to either a fluid or stable gender identity."[110] 2. Being unable to understand the concept of gender or of having a gender due to neurodivergence.
  • glitchgender. Coined by wrinkledough in 2014. "You may or may not have a gender, but either way it’s glitched and confusing. note: ideal for glitchkin/techkin/etc but nonkin can use it too!" Not to be confused with genderglitch.[111] Keywords: genderless, monogender, technology, questioning
  • gyaragender. Coined by bigender-why-gender in 2014. "having multiple genders but not understanding any of them. Gyaragirl/Gyarafeminine - having multiple genders with feminine qualities that you don’t understand. Gyaraboy/Gyaramasculine - having multiple genders with masculine qualities that you don’t understand."[112]


  • heliogender. Coined by n64kin, from helio "sun." "Similar to agender; a strong sensation of warmth and genderlessness. [...] an intense and burning sensation of gender (or lack thereof)."[113] Keywords: temperature, genderless, synaesthesia
  • historiagender. Coined by stardle and eldrigender. Synonym for archaicgender.[114]
  • horogender Coined by officialkneesocks in 2014. "Your feelings of gender changing over time, but your core feelings remaining. For example, you feel masculine, but at different points at different times. Can be used like horomasculine, horofeminine, horoboy, horogirl etc" [115] Keywords: genderfluid.
  • hypergender. coined by: caffeinated-librarian "experiencing a gender with more intensity than is common for your identity, e.g. hyperboy, hypergirl, hyper(gender) etc" [116]


  • imperigender. Coined by schrodingers-zombie in 2014. "A gender that you can sort of control- a fluid gender that you can ‘push’ into a certain gender by 'wanting' it very much or just thinking about that gender a lot." [117]. Keywords: genderfluid.
  • impesgender. Coined by siirusblack in 2014. "A gender that flips quickly and impulsively, often too quickly to be traced" [118] Keywords: genderfluid.
  • imprigender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. "A fluid gender that is easily and quickly imprinted upon or influenced by its environment. it is often hard to pin down as one particular gender. can sometimes be voluntarily controlled."[119] Keywords: genderfluid.
  • intergender.[120] An identity that is in the middle between female and male, and may be a mix of both.[121][122][123]


  • jellygender Coined by cisphobicterezi in 2014. "when your gender rocks back and fourth throughout the day/week/month/whatever. Sometimes youre rly feelin your gender and youre like yeah!! Sometimes youre not feelin your gender and youre like ehhh" [124] Keywords: genderfluid, genderflux, emotions.
  • jupitergender. Coined by anonymous. "When your gender is so large and present, you’re not quite sure what it is because it’s too big to see clearly but it is definitely there and you know you’re definitely not cis."[125] Keywords: size, monogender, questioning, space
  • juxera.[126] "a gender relative to female, but is something separate and entirely on it’s own." Coined 2014 by tumblr user ren, along with proxvir. Intended for use as an adjective, not a noun.[127]


  • kinegender. Coined by curiosityismysin in 2014. "A gender experience that constantly moves or is in motion, similar to genderfluid or genderflux."[3].
  • kronosgender. Coined by anonymous in 2014 "(after the Greek god of time) where you are a different gender at certain times of the day."[128] Similar: nocturnalgender, lunagender. Keywords: genderfluid.


  • lamingender. Coined by curiosityismysin. "A gender experience composed of layers or slices."[129] Keywords: shape, texture, abstract concepts, synaesthesia
  • leogender. Coined by prideful-concerto. "A term for those whose gender is related to strength and regality".[130] Keywords: strong, royalty
  • leukogender. Coined by itonokogiris. From leuko- "bright, shining." "A gender that shines brightly and luminously".[131] Keywords: light
  • libragender. Coined by libragender in 2014. "Gender that is mostly agender, but has a strong connection to a different gender; a scale, where one side is agender and one side is male/female. The agender outweighs the male/female, but male/female is still there" [132]
  • locugender. Coined by flynneleh in 2014. "A gender identity that changes depending where you are or what situation you are in." [133].
  • lunagender. coined by: missjacksoninthemorning. "A gender that one experiences in a sort of cycle, or in regular phases; a gender that can be best described as dictated by the cycles of the moon. can be modified, like lunagirl or lunaboy."[134]. Keywords: lunar, cyclic.


  • marfluid. Coined by a-tiny-peach in 2014. "Genderfluid but mostly/only fluid with masculine genders (based on mars symbol)." [135] Synonyms butchfluid, mascufluid. Antonyms femmefluid, genderfae, venufluid.
  • metagender. Coined by keyblademastercecilpalmer, agenderchrismclean, and lordmoriarty in 2014. "To identify around or beyond a gender. Where your gender identity is almost that gender, but not quite, and also extends beyond that. Imagine that —- is you, and | is the gender identity (and identifying fully with a gender is —-|), then metagender is —- | —-"[136] For example, meta-boy, meta-girl, meta-nonbinary, and so on.
  • microgender and macrogender. Coined by Baaphomett. "Small and large feelings of gender that are not identifiable within social gender categories."[137] Keywords: size, shape, space
  • mirrorgender. Coined by branacle in 2014. "A gender that changes to fit the people you're around" [138]. Similar: amicagender. Keywords: genderfluid.
  • modogender coined by: princetzimisce "a gender identity that is constantly changing; can be understood as somewhat of an intersection of genderfluid and genderflux identities in that the changes may encompass both identity and perceived “strength” of one’s gender (i.e., one moment I might be Very Much a girl, the next i might be somewhat agender, etc.). from latin modo (modo…modo = at one time…at another)." [139]
  • monagender. Coined by drkiriko/publicmiddleschool. Gender fluidity that happens according to a consistent, orderly cycle, like a lunar cycle.[140]
  • MTX. Male-to-X, covering people who were assigned male at birth, and who identify as nonbinary or X-gender.[90]
  • multigender. is an umbrella term, but may also be used as a specific gender identity. Multigender identities all fall under the nonbinary and transgender umbrellas. The multigender umbrella includes bigender, trigender, polygender, pangender, genderfluid, and possibly androgyne. Multigender individuals have more than one gender identity, either at the same time, or moving between different gender identities at different times. [141]
  • musegender. coined by: anonymous "a gender named with artists/writers/roleplayers/actors etc in mind. a fluid gender influenced by the gender(s) of the characters you are drawing/writing/roleplaying/etc." [142]
  • musicagender. Coined by transmomoi. "When your gender can only be described through a specific musical aesthetic and/or genre."[143] Keywords: sound, synaesthesia, symbols
  • mutogender. coined by: thedonutsaurusrex "a gender that changes depending on situation or people you’re with etc., so like a subset of genderfluid" [144]


  • (name)gender. Coined by anonymous. "A gender that is best described by one’s name, good for those who aren’t sure what they identify as yet but definitely know that they aren’t cis [cisgender]. it can be used as a catch-all term or a specific identifier, e.g. johngender, janegender, (your name here)gender, etc."[145] Keywords: unique
  • nan0gender. Coined by genderpunkrock and hyaenahart in 2014. "someone who identifies slightly as one gender and mostly as another; e.g. nan0boy, nan0girl, nan0nonbinary, etc."[146]
  • narkissisgender. Coined by furryhell. "An egotistical gender, viewing itself in a high position and wanting and/or needing praise. should only be used by those who have narcissistic personality disorder. gender can be replaced with fluid, boy, girl, xirl, boi, nonbinary, enby, nb, etc."[147] The synonym of this word that can be used by people who don't have narcissistic personality disorder is egoisgender. Keywords: neurodiversity, neurodivergent
  • nesciōgender. Coined by princetzimisce, from Latin nesciō "I do not know". "a term for neurodivergent people who have difficulty grasping the concept of gender. these individuals can combine nesciōgender with another identity that they think may fit (i.e., nesciōgendervoid). ... alternate term: aegrēgender. from latin aegrē (with difficulty)."[148]
  • neuter. 1. A gender neither masculine nor feminine. Genderless. Gender neutral. An androgynous person. 2. Without sexual organs, or with incomplete sexual organs. In biology and zoology, this can mean animals that were artificially spayed, castrated, or otherwise sterilized, as well as animals who were born in that condition, such as worker bees, as well as plants without pistils and stamens.[149][150][151]
  • noungender. Coined by branacle. "A gender thats best described by a noun, particularly good for synasthetic people. eg: seagender, a gender best described by the sea. Very flexible and personable."[152] An umbrella term. Probably synonymous with xenogender.
  • null gender. A person without a gender identity, or whose gender identity is not feminine and not masculine.[153]
  • numbergender. Coined by numberkincutie. "A gender relating to those who identify themselves as a number or mathematical equation. can also be a gender that revolves around all numbers in general. theres negative and positive numbergenders, and anything mathematical. Numbergender can, but doesnt have to be, very organized and orderly."[154] Keywords: abstract concepts, synaesthesia, symbols
  • nyctogender. Coined by wynter-caelum. "Where your gender is pure darkness."[155] Keywords: light, dark, abstract, symbols
  • neulier. Coined by coiningblog. "a female gender that is entirely neutral in nature/neutral-aligning as opposed to feminine."[156]
  • neuvir. Coined by coiningblog. "a male gender that is entirely neutral in nature/neutral-aligned as opposed to masculine."[157]


  • ogligender. Coined by anonymous. You have three to five genders, inclusive. [158] Note that if a person has three genders, they can also call themself tri-gender, which see.
  • oneirogender. Coined by anonymous in 2014. "being agender, but having recurring fantasies or dreams of being a certain gender without the actual dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender day-to-day. e.g. oneiroboy, oneirogirl, oneirononbinary, etc"[159]
  • other gender. A gender other than male or female.[160]


  • personagender. Coined by: definition by anonymous user, term coined by twerkingobserver. "where you refer to yourself as a girl or a boy for the sake of convenience or because your gender is too confusing but don’t really identify as that; e.g. personagirl or personaboy".[161]
  • pre- and postgender. "Before and after a gender; preboy would be moving to identify as a boy but has yet to fully embrace the term and pregirl would be moving to identify as a girl but has yet to fully embrace the term; postboy would have moved on from identifying as a boy but still has gendered ties to identifying as a boy and postgirl would have moved on from identifying as a girl but still has gendered ties to identifying as a girl." Coined by Baaphomett [162].
  • preterbinary. From Latin praeter- "beyond, more than, past." Coined by Baaphomett. "Beyond the the gender binary/spectrum of male and female."[12]
  • proxvir.[126] "a gender relative to male, but is something separate and entirely on it’s own." Coined 2014 by tumblr user ren, who felt he no longer identified with "demiboy" because of that word's focus on "boy" and implication of a split/mixed gender. Intended as an adjective.[127]


  • qirl. A gender identity for black transgender nonbinary feminine people.[163]
  • questioning. Some take up this as a name for their gender identity, and some see it as a nonbinary gender identity.[164]
  • quoigender. Meaning "what" + gender from French. Has various definitions including "someone who feels that gender identity and/or existing gender terms don't apply to them" and "someone whose relationship with gender is complicated".


  • salmacian. "Suggested by [Raphael Carter in 1996 or earlier] as a term for male-to-intersex and female-to-intersex transsexuals." A reference to the myth of the deity Hermaphroditus and the nymph Salmacis.[165]
  • sychnogender, sychnogenderfluid. Gk. συχνός "frequent." Coined by gyey. "Like [argrogender] but regarding frequency. The gender of someone who is sychnogender might change many times throughout the course of a day." [166]


  • tachigender, tachigenderfluid. Gk. ταχύτητα "speed." Coined by gyey. "Like [argrogender] but regarding rapidity, a gender that changes quickly or that otherwise has to do with high speed." [167]
  • transgender[168] is an umbrella term for all genders that go beyond society’s ideas of gender, which includes some kinds of binary gender people. Some call their gender identity simply "transgender," as a nonbinary identity itself. People who do so include Richard O'Brien,[citation needed] and Eddie Izzard.[citation needed] Why this is in the list of poorly-attested nonbinary identities: transgender is a common enough identity, held by thousands, but we need evidence that many people use "transgender" as nonbinary identity in and of itself.
  • trauatgender. Coined by furryhell. "A gender that varies; it can change a lot, it could be unknown, it could just be there, it could be nonexistent, etc. Whatever it is, it was based from intense trauma. Should only be used by those who have experienced or are going through what they consider intense trauma."[169] Keywords: neurodiversity, trauma, PTSD, time, questioning, fluid, genderless


  • ungender. Coined by Baaphomett in 2014. "Not without but a negative; an unboy would be the negative of a boy and an ungirl would be the negative of a girl."[170]


  • venufluid. Coined by a-tiny-peach. "Genderfluid but mostly/only fluid with feminine genders (based on venus symbol)." [171] Syn. femmefluid.


  • wintgender, wintegender, or wintergender. (Coined by asperdemigirl in 2014. Similar to blizzgender but it encompasses a second gender. a winteboy might experience both a cold, harsh, and snowy gender, but also being male, also for example.[172]


  • XTX. A nonbinary, neutral, and/or x-gender counterpart to FTM (female-to-male) and MTF (male-to-female).[90]
  • xumgender (coined by ademcshades[173]) is defined as never being satisfied with your gender due to constant self-doubt or identity issues, causing one to compulsively search and seek out something that fits as perfect as possible–to find “the gender” or “the one truth”–though one will never be found due to one’s neurotype, because words will never be able to describe it, and/or its own properties paradox itself. This frequent anxiety and doubt even causes this gender to feel imperfect to the individual. Keywords: xenogender, neurogender, anxiety, OCD, OCPD


  • yinyang ren (陰陽人). In China, yinyang ren are people who have an equal amount of both feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) qualities. Usually this means gender nonconforming and bisexual, but can also mean transgender or intersex. There is question whether it can also be a nonbinary identity.

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