Liv Hewson

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Liv Hewson
Liv Hewson (41163729811).jpg
Hewson in 2018
Date of birth 29 November 1995
Place of birth Canberra, Australia
Nationality Australian
Pronouns they/them
Gender identity nonbinary
Occupation actor and playwright

Liv Hewson (born 29 November 1995) is an Australian actor and playwright. Their written work includes "lots of re-imaginings of fairytales and mythology with a queer and dark slant." They are known for their roles in the Netflix series Let It Snow & Santa Clarita Diet, and the Lionsgate film Bombshell.

As a child, Liv experienced gender dysphoria, and by their teenage years had realized they weren't straight. When Hewson came across the term nonbinary online, they finally understood themself.[1]

In 2020 they received the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award for their LGBT+ advocacy.[2]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

« One thing that I want to make very clear to people is that there's not just one way non-binary people are supposed to look. When we talk about androgyny, I think that people have a very specific idea of what androgyny means and what it looks like. People have a sort of preconception as to what being androgynous means and what non-binary people have to look like. There just isn't one way to be nonbinary. There isn't one way to play around with gender and there's no wrong way to look and be nonbinary.[3] »

References[edit | edit source]

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