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artwork"Cite web"
audioRecording"Cite web"
bill"Cite web"
blogPost"Cite web"
book"Cite book"
bookSection"Cite book"
case"Cite web"
computerProgram"Cite web"
conferencePaper"Cite journal"
dictionaryEntry"Cite journal"
document"Cite web"
email"Cite web"
encyclopediaArticle"Cite journal"
film"Cite web"
forumPost"Cite web"
hearing"Cite web"
instantMessage"Cite web"
interview"Cite web"
journalArticle"Cite journal"
letter"Cite web"
magazineArticle"Cite news"
manuscript"Cite book"
map"Cite web"
newspaperArticle"Cite news"
patent"Cite web"
podcast"Cite web"
presentation"Cite journal"
radioBroadcast"Cite web"
report"Cite journal"
statute"Cite web"
thesis"Cite journal"
tvBroadcast"Cite web"
videoRecording"Cite web"
webpage"Cite web"