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is a random gender neutral name starting with A. another one!

Lists of neutral names

In alphabetical order:

An alphabetical list of neutral names starting with A, continued from the names page, which see for more information. These are neutral-gender names, otherwise known as unisex names. They are equally appropriate for girls, boys, and people of any gender. In English-speaking countries, some of the most familiar gender-neutral names starting with A include Abby, Ace, Al, Alex, Ally, Aubrey, and Autumn. However, there are many more unisex names from around the world that start with A, more than 300 of them, as listed below. Next page: neutral names starting with B.

The list

A'ala, or 'A'ala. Hawaiian. Meaning "Fragrant, of high rank, royal."[1][2] Keywords: nobility.

Aala. 1. Muslim. Meaning "Bounties."[3]. 2. American. "She who hunts and heals." More often for girls.[4]

Aale. Finnish. Meaning "Noble."[5] Short for names beginning with Al, as well as Aarne and Arvid.[6] Estonian form of Alla and Rosalia.[7] Keywords: nobility.

Aali. Finnish.[8] Pet form of various names meaning "Bird"[9]

Aalo. Finnish.[8]

Aalto. Finnish. Meaning "Wave."[8] Keywords: nature, sea, water

Aban. "The name of the eighth month of the Persian calendar, corresponding to the sign of Scorpio, Aban is used as a unisex name in Iran. The name derives from the Avestan word for 'waters,' and in some Zoroastrianism is considered a deity of water; in today's Islamic Iran, Aban is regarded as an angel."[10]

Aaren. English. Variant of Aaron.[11]

Abby. English. Short for Abraham or Abigail.[12]

Abcde. American. Meaning the beginning of the alphabet, but pronounced AB-sid-ee.[13]

Abi. Hebrew. 1. Anglicized form of "Abiy," meaning "my father." In the Bible, this is the name of the mother of King Hezekiah. 2. Pet form of "Abraham," meaning "father of a multitude." Also spelled "Avi."[14] Keywords: Biblical, religious

Abia. Variant spelling of Abiah, which see.[11][14]

Abiah. Hebrew. Variant of Abiyah, which see.[15][14]

Abichail (אֲבִיחַיִל). Hebrew. Variant spelling of unisex "Abiyhayil," which see.[14]

Abida. 1. (لڑكی) Arabic. Meaning "God's follower" or "she who worships." Feminine.[16] 2. Hebrew. Anglicized form of "Abiyda," meaning "father of knowledge." In the Bible, this is the name of one of Midian's five sons. Masculine.[14] Keywords: Biblical, religious

Abijah. Variant of Abiah, which see.[17]

Abihail. Hebrew. Variant of Abiyhayil, which see.[14] Keywords: Biblical, religious

Abihayil. Hebrew. Variant of Abiyhayil, which see.[14] Keywords: Biblical, religious

Abijah. Hebrew. Variant of Abiah, which see.[14] Keywords: Biblical, religious

Abimbola. West Africa, Yoruba. Meaning "Born wealthy."[18][19] Keywords: birth

Abiodun. West Africa, Yoruba. Meaning "A child born during Christmas or the New Year."[20] Keywords: birth, holidays, seasons

Abiyah. Hebrew. Meaning "God is my father." In the Bible, this is the name of a son of Samuel, the mother of Hezekiah, a member of the tribe of Benjamin, a king of Judah, and several other figures. [21][14] Keywords: Biblical, religious

Abiyhayil (אֲבִיחַיִל). Hebrew. Meaning "father of might." In the Bible, this is the name of the wife of Rehoboam, the father of Esther, a Levite who was the head of the house of Merari, and several other characters. Variant spellings include Abihail and Avichayil.[14]

Ace. Latin. Meaning "One" or "Unity."[22]

Acer. Meaning "maple tree."[23]

Achava. Hebrew. Meaning "Friendship."[24]

Achcauhtli. Native American, Nahuatl. Meaning "leader."[14]

Aconite. Meaning "wolfsbane (herb)."[25]

Acorn. Meaning "Nut of the oak tree."[25]

Acotas. Native American, Blackfoot. Meaning "Group of horses."[26]

Adair. 1. English, Scottish. Meaning "Shallow place in a river near oaks."[27] 2. From the family name, meaning "Son of Daire," itself meaning "Oak."[25]

Addie. "Pet-form of names such as Addison, Ada, Adelaide, Adam, and Adrian." Late 19th century variant: Addy.[28] 1. English. Pet form of feminine Adelaide. Meaning "noble sort." Feminine. 2. Hebrew. Pet form of masculine Adam, meaning "earth" or "red." 3. Hebrew. Variant spelling of unisex Adi, which see.[14]

Addison. English. From the family name, meaning "Son of Adam." Became a unisex given name in the late 20th century.[28][29][14]

Addisyn. Variant of Addison, which see.[30]

Addyson. Variant of Addison, which see.[31]

Ade. West Africa, Yoruba. Meaning "Crown."[11]

Adebowale. West Africa, Yoruba. Meaning "My crown has come home."[14]

Aderyn. Welsh. Meaning "Bird." Late 19th century variant: Deryn.[28]

Adetokunbo. West Africa, Yoruba. Meaning "The crown came over the sea."[11]

Adi (עֲדִי). Hebrew. Meaning "Jewel," "Ornament," or "Witness." [11][14]

Adiel. 1. Hebrew. Meaning "Ornament of God." 2. Arabic. "Just; honest."[32]

Adilet. Kyrgyz. Meaning "Justice."[11]

Adina (עֲדִינָא). Hebrew. Meaning "Slender." In the Bible, this is a masculine name only, but it has come to be used for girls as well.[33][14]

Adison. Variant of Addison, which see.

Adiyna. Variant of Adina, which see.

Adler. German. Meaning "Eagle."[34] Keywords: nature, animal, bird

Adoeete. Native American, Ga'igwu (Kiowa). Meaning "Big tree."[35] Keywords: nature, forest

Adonia. 1. (Αδώνια). Greek. Feminine form of Greek Adonis, meaning "my lord." 2. (אֲדּׄנִיָּה). Hebrew. Variant spelling of Adonijah, meaning "my Lord is Jehovah."[14]

Adria. Latin. Meaning "From Hadria; dark one." Variant of Adrian.[36]

Adrian. Latin. Meaning "From Hadria."[37]

Adriel. Hebrew. Meaning "God's majesty."[38]

Adyson. Variant of Addison, which see.

Aeon. From Greek, meaning "Age; immeasurable period of time." Variants: Æon, Eon.[39]

Aerial. English. Meaning "Of the air." 20th century adoption of the word as a name.[39]

Aero. Greek. Meaning "Air."[40] Keywords: nature, elements

Aeron. Welsh. Unisex form of Celtic "Agrona," a war goddess in Welsh mythology who was portrayed as masculine. Meaning "carnage, slaughter." [41][14] Keywords: war

Aestival. English. From Latin, meaning "Of summer." Variant: Estival.[39]

Aether. From Greek, meaning "The fifth element." Variants: Aither, Ether.[39]

Aethnen. Welsh. Meaning "Aspen" or "Poplar."[39]

Afon. Welsh. Meaning "River."[42] Keywords: nature, water, place

Affra. Hebrew. Variant spelling of Aphra, which see.[14]

Afra. Hebrew. Variant spelling of Aphra, which see.[14]

Africa. Meaning "The continent of Africa."[43]

Afton. Gaelic. Derived from a surname, meaning "From the Afton river," which is in Scotland.[44][14] Keywords: nature, water, place

Agam. Hebrew. Meaning "Lake."[11] Keywords: nature, water

Agrimony. Meaning the herb of the same name.[45]

Agrippa. 1. Latin form of the Greek name. Meaning "Wild horse." Masculine. 2. (Агриппа). Russian. Based on the Greek name, but used as a feminine name.[11] Keywords: nature, animals

Ah. Chinese. No meaning.[11]

Ahmoua. Native American, Sac and Fox Nation. Meaning "whale."[46] Keywords: nature, animals, water, sea

Ahsan (আহসান). Hindi form of Persian unisex name Ehsan. Meaning "compassion."[14]

Ahuiliztli. Native American, Nahuatl. Meaning "joy."[14]

Aiah. Hebrew. Variant of Ayah, which see.[14]

Aibhne. Irish.[47] A form of the name Eveny[48], meaning "archer"

Aiken. English. Meaning "Made of oak." Also a variant of Adam. Keywords: nature, tree.[49]

Ailbhe. Irish Gaelic. Meaning "White." Notable legendary figures with this name include a female warrior of the Fianna, and a male saint who was raised by wolves. Variants: Albeus, Alvy, and Alby.[50][51][14] Keywords: colours

Aim. American. Means "Direct towards target."[52]

Aindrea. Variant of Andrea.

Ainsley. Scottish, English. From the family name, from the British Nottinghamshire place name of Annesley, meaning Ann's Meadow. the place name, meaning "Hermitage meadow." Variants: Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Ainslie, and Aynsley.[53][54]

Ainslie. Variant of Ainsley.

Air. English. Meaning "The element of air," though historically has sometimes been meant as "Heir," or the reference to several rivers named something like Air. Variants: Aer, Aere, Aire, Ayr, and Ayre.[53]

Airlie. Scottish. Meaning from the place name Earley, meaning "Eagle wood."[55]

Airut. Finnish.[8] Means "messenger, herald".[56]

Aiyah. Hebrew. Variant of Ayah, which see.[14]

Aj. English. From a combination of the letters A and J.[57]

Aja. Sanskrit. Meaning "Goat."[58] Keywords: nature, animals

Aje. Yoruba. Meaning "Witch."[59]

Akachi. West African, Igbo. Meaning "the hand of God."[11]

Akanksha (आकाङ्क्षा). Hindi. Meaning "desire; wish."[14]

Akasha. Sanskrit. Meaning "Sky," "Fifth element," and "Heaven." Adopted as a name in the 20th century.[59]

Akay. Turkish. Meaning "Shining moon."[11] Keywords: nature, night, sky, space, magic, science

Aki'. Japan. Depending on choice of kanji in spelling it, Aki means "autumn" (秋), "bright" (明), or "sparkle" (晶).[14]

Akia. African. Meaning "First born."[60]

Akira (あきら). Japanese. Meaning "Bright" (明), "Clear" (亮), or "Sensible" (顕), depending on spelling in kanji.[61][62][14]

Akpofure. West African, Urhobo. Meaning "Life is peaceful."[11]

Akuchi. West African, Igbo. Meaning "Wealth from God."[11]

Akuna. Aboriginal. Meaning "To know or follow."[63]

Al. Short for many female, male, and neutral names.

Alabama.[64] Choctaw. Means "vegetation gatherers",

Alabaster. Meaning "A type of translucent white stone."[59]

Alary. German. Meaning "Elf ruler."[65] Keywords: mythology, magic

Alaula. Hawaiian. Meaning "Light of the early dawn."[66] Keywords: nature, sky, morning

Alaw. Welsh. Meaning "Harmony."[59]

Alba. 1. Gaelic. Meaning "Scotland," and "White." 2. The neutral version of the name Albus. 3. From several other places in Europe called Alba. 4. Italian. Meaning "Dawn."[67]

Albany. British. Meaning "A region of Scotland." Starting in the middle ages, originally a masculine name, now more commonly feminine.[67][68]

Albion. British. Meaning "England," or historically, "The island of Britain." Starting in the 16th century, originally a masculine name, now neutral.[67]

Alby. Latin. Meaning "From Alba."[69]

Alchemy. Adopted as a given name in the late 20th century. Variant: Alchimia.[70][71]

Alcis. 1. Greek. Meaning "Defense" and "valor." An epithet of the goddess Athene. 2. Germanic Nahanarvali. Meaning "Force." A name of a masculine god in that culture.[70]

Alder. British. Meaning "Alder tree." A given name since the 17th century.[72]

Aldis. English. Meaning "From the Old House."[73]

Aldus. English. Meaning "Old."[11]

Ale. Finnish, short for Aleksanteri or Aleksi. Spanish, short for Alejandro or Alejandra.[11]

Aleksa. Variant of Alex.

Alemayehu. East African, Amharic. Meaning "I have seen the world."[11]

Alex. Short for Alexander, Alexandra, and so on.

Alexi. Variant of Alex.

Alexis. 1. Latin. Variant of Alex. 2. Greek. Meaning "To defend." Notable men with this name include a 4th century BCE playwright, and a 5th century saint, and notable women include actor Alexis Smith (b. 1921), the latter causing this to become popular as a feminine name as well.[74][11]

Alexus. Variant of Alexis.[14]

Alfajiri. Swahili. Meaning "Dawn."[74]

Ali. 1. Arabic. Meaning "Sublime."[75] 2. English. Pet-form of several names: masculine names Alastair and Alexander, feminine names Alison, Alexandra, and Alice, and neutral name Alex.[74]

Alick. Variant of Alex.

Alinafe. South African, Chewa. Meaning "He is with us."[11]

Alix. Variant of Alex.[14]

Alkahest'. Meaning "Alchemical universal solvent."[76]

Alkanet. Meaning "The common name of several different plants used for dye."[76]

Allard. English. Meaning "Noble and bold."[77]

Allie. Celtic, meaning "Little rock; harmony, peace." German, meaning "Nobly famous."[78]

Allison. German. Meaning "Of a noble kind."[79]

Ally. English. Meaning "Friend, partner." Also short for names starting with Al. [80]

Almas. Arabic. Meaning "Diamond."[11]

Almog. Hebrew. Meaning "Coral."[11] Keywords: nature, water, sea

Almond. English. 1. Meaning "Almond." 2. From the family name Aleman, meaning "German."[81]

Aloe. Meaning "Aloe plant."[82]

Aloha. Hawaiian. Meaning "Greetings."[83]

Alohilani. Hawaiian. Meaning "Bright sky, brightness of heaven."[84]

Alonza. Spanish. Neutral variant of Alonso. Variant: Alonsa.[82]

Alpha (Άλφα). Greek. Meaning "Ox," and the first letter of the Greek alphabet.[85][82]

Alpheratz. Meaning "Alpha Andromedae, a binary star."[82]

Alpine. English. Meaning "Of mountain peaks."[11]

Alshain. Meaning "Beta Aquilae, a star in the constellation Aquila," or "The falcon."[86]

Altair (الطير). Modern name derived from the Arabic name of a bright star. Meaning "Alpha Aquilae, the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila," or "The eagle."[86][14]

Altyerre. Australian Aborigine, Arrernte. Meaning "Dreamtime."[86]

Alva. 1. English variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Ailbhe, meaning "white," or Almhath, meaning possibly "Sovereignty." Feminine. 2. Swedish. Meaning "elf." Feminine. 3. Variant spelling of Hebrew Alvah. Meaning "Exalted" or "high." Masculine.[14][87]

Alvi. Old English. Meaning "Elf friend."[88] Keywords: mythology, magic, fantasy

Aly. Variant of Ally, which see.[89]

Alyx. Variant of Alex.[14]

Amabilis. Latin. Meaning "Lovable."[90]

Amal. 1. (عمل). Arabic. Meaning "Hope, aspiration." Unisex. 2. (עָמָל). Hebrew. Meaning "wearisome labor." Masculine. 3. German. Meaning "labor, work." Masculine.[11][14]

Amana. 1. Swahili. Meaning "Trust," "Pledge," and "Vows." 2. Hausa. Meaning "Friendliness." 3. Hindi. Meaning "Peace."[91]

Amanzi. Zulu, Xhosa, and Ndebele. Meaning "Water."[91]

Amara. 1. Arabic. Meaning "Eternal." 2. Igbo. Meaning "God's grace."[92]

Amarah. Variant of Amara.[93]

Amaranth. Meaning "The amaranth plant," which itself means "Unfading." 19th century name.[91]

Amare. Sanskrit. Meaning "Immortal."[94]

Amari. 1. Origin and meaning are uncertain. May be from Arabic masculine name Amir (feminine variant Amira), meaning "Prince", or from Italian family name Amari, meaning "Bitter," or from Japanese family name meaning "Remainder." 20th century.[91] 2. African, Yoruba. [95] Means "strength".[96]

Amazolo. Ndebele and Zulu. Meaning "Dew."[97]

Ambriel. Meaning "The angel ruling over Gemini."[98]

America. [99] American English variant of the Italian Amerigo. Means “Universal Power” or “Powerful Home”. [100]

Americus. Italian, from Latin meaning "royalty."[101]

Ames. French. Meaning "Friend."[102]

Amethyst.[103] Greek. Meaning "Jewel", and "Against intoxication".[104]

Ametrine. Meaning "A type of quartz crystal which is a hybrid of amethyst and citrine."[105]

Amets. Basque. Meaning "Dream."[11][14]

Ameya. Sanskrit. Meaning "Boundless."[106]

Ami. 1. Hebrew. Meaning "my people" or "trustworthy." 2. Punjabi. Meaning "much loved" or "nectar." 3. Japanese. Meaning depends on kanji chosen, some options for which include: 亜美 ("Asia, beauty"), 亜海 ("Asia, sea"), 亜実 ("Asia, truth"), 亜満 ("Asia, satisfy"), 亜魅 ("Asia, fascination").[107]

Amiel. Hebrew. Meaning "My people belong to God."[108]

Amisquew. Native American, Menominee. Meaning "Spoon."[109]

Amit 1. (עָמִית). Hebrew. Meaning "Friend."[11][14] 2. Hindi. Meaning "Infinite."[105]

Ammiel. Variant of Amiel, which see.

Ammonite. Meaning "Fossil of an extinct mollusk shaped like a ram's horn," ultimately from "Amun, the Egyptian ram-headed god."[105]

Amor. Spanish. Meaning "Love."[110]

Amory. English. Meaning "Home ruler."[111]

Amoxtli. Native American, Nahuatl. Meaning "protection, shelter."[14]

Amsel. German. Meaning "Blackbird."[112]

Amulet. Meaning "A protective charm."[112]

An. 1. Chinese. Meaning "Peace."[11] 2. Vietnamese. Meaning "Peace."[14]

Anah. Hebrew. Meaning "Answer."[11]

Anan. West African, Akan. Meaning "Fourth born child."[11][14] Keywords: birth

Ananda. Sanskrit. Meaning "Happiness." "Ananada was the name of one of the principal disciples and devotees of the Buddha. The usual modern boy's version is Anand, with Ananda now usually reserved for girls."[113][114]

Anang. Native American, Ojibwa. Meaning "Star."[115]

Ananta. Sanskrit. Meaning "Infinite, endless."[11]

Anantha. Variant of Ananta, which see.

Anarawd. Welsh. Variant of Angharad, meaning "undisgraced, free of shame."[14]

Anat (עַנָת). Hebrew. Unisex varant of name Anath. Meaning "Answer" or "Answer (to prayer)."[11][14]

Anchor. English. Meaning "Anchor." 17th century.[116]

Andĕl. Czech. Meaing "Angel."[14]

Andi. Spelling variant of Andy.

Andie. Spelling variant of Andy.

Andrea. Italian. Meaning "Manly," and a feminine form of Andrew, but used for girls and boys.[117]

Andren. Variant of Andrea, which see.[118]

Andy. Short for Andrew, Andrea, and so on.

Aneth. Cornish. Meaning "Marvel" and "Wonder."[119]

Ange. Short for Angel. Feminine in English. Masculine in French.[14]

Angel. English. Meaning "Angel," from Greek aggelos, meaning "Messenger." 16th century. Regional variants include Czech Anděl, Spanish Ángel, Catalan Àngel, and Italian Angelo.[119] In English, this had been a masculine name, and is now more often feminine.[11]

Anne. Frisian. Short for names beginning with Arn.[11]

Anh. Vietnamese. Meaning "peace; intellectual brightness; light ray."[120]

Anmol. Hindi. Meaning "a priceless person who is invaluable."[121]

Ansley. English. Meaning "From the hermitage field," from a family name based on a place name.[122]

Anstice. Medieval English form of Anastasia, Greek, meaning "Resurrection."[123]

Aoi. Japanese. Meaning "Blue" (碧) or "Hollyhock" (葵), depending on kanji.[11][14]

Aoki. Japanese. Meaning "Blue tree."[124]

Aolani. Hawaiian. Meaning "Cloud from heaven."[125]

Aphra (רפַעָ). Hebrew. Meaning "ashes, dust" and "clay, loam."[14]

Apinya. Thai. Meaning "Magical powers" and "Supernatural knowledge."[126]

Apple. English. Meaning "Apple." 19th century.[127]

Aqua. Meaning "Water," and "Blue." Late 19th century.[128]

Aquarius. Used for those born under this astrological sign. Meaning "Water-carrier."[129][130]

Aquila. Latin. Meaning "Eagle," and "The constellation Aquila." "A fairly common male name in Roman times, it occurs in the New Testament. [Revived in] 16th [century]."[129][11] Keywords: nature, animals, birds, sky, stars

Aquinnah. American. Meaning "high land."[131]

Ara. 1. Arabic. Meaning "opinionated" or "brings rain." 2. Armenian. After a legendary Armenian king named Ara, used for girls as well.

Arabia.[132] 1. Biblical. Meaning "Evening, desert, ravens." 2. Latin. Meaning "From Arabia".[133]

Aran. Irish. Meaning "From the Aran Islands."[11]

Arawn. Welsh. Meaning "King of the otherworld."[134] Keywords: mythology, magic

Arcana or Arcane. From Latin arcanus, meaning "Secret." 20th century.[135]

Arda. Hebrew. Meaning "Bronze." Or a variant of Arden.[136]

Arden. English. Meaning "The English forest of Arden; the forest in Shakespeare's As You Like It.'" 17th century.[135][11][14]

Ardent. English. Meaning "Earnest," "Passionate," and "Fiery." Mid 19th century.[135]

Ardin. Latin. Meaning "Fiery."[137]

Ardor. English. Meaning "Enthusiasm," "Passion," and "Fiery." 20th century.[135]

Areli. Hebrew. Meaning "Lion of God."[138]

Arely. Variant of Areli, which see.[139]

Aren.[140] 1. Nigerian. Meaning "Eagle". 2. German. Meaning "The power of the eagle". 3. Scandinavian. Meaning "Ruler of peace"[141]

Argent. Meaning "Silver."[142]

Ari. Hebrew. Meaning "Lion of God." Also short for names starting with Ar.[143]

Arial. Welsh. Meaning "Vigor." 20th century.[142]

Arian. Latin. Meaning "Very holy."[144]

Arien. Hebrew. Meaning "Enchanted."[145]


Ariel or Ari'el (אֲרִיאֵל). Hebrew. Meaning "Lion of God." Used in the Bible as another name for the city of Jerusalem. In the Apocrypha, this is the name of an archangel. Shakespeare used this as the name for a spirit that was neither female nor male in The Tempest (1611). "Ariel is found as a male name from the sixteenth century, and as a girl's from the nineteenth."[147][11][14]

Aries. Used for those born under this astrological sign. Meaning "The constellation of the ram." 19th century.[147][148]

Arin. 1. English. Variant of Erin, a feminine name. 2. English. Variant spelling of Aaron, a masculine name.

Arion. Hebrew. Meaning "With melody."[149]

Arius. Greek. Meaning "Of Medea," originally a place name.[150]

Arizona. From a place name in the Basque language meaning "Good oak."[151]

Arkansas. Meaning "The place of Arkansas."[152]

Arketah. Native American, Oto. Meaning "No liver."[153]

Arlie. English. From a family name based on a place name meaning "Eagle wood."[11]

Armani. Meaning "From the house of Armand."[154]

Arnon. Hebrew. Meaning "Roaring stream."[155] Keywords: nature, water

Arrats. Basque. Meaning "Dusk."[14]

Arrian. Latin. Meaning "Holy."[156]

Arron. 1. Hebrew. Meaning "lofty; exalted; high mountain." 2. Greek. Meaning "to sing."[157]

Arta. Iranian. Meaning "Truth."[158]

Artemis. Greek. The name of a goddess, but used for girls and boys. The masculine spelling, Artemus, sounds the same.[159]

Arthan. Welsh. Meaning "Winter." 19th century.[158]

Artois. French. Meaning "From Artois, Netherlands."[160]

Asa. Hebrew. Meaning "Physician."[161]

Ascher. Variant of Asher, which see.[162]

Ash. English. Short for Ashley, which see.[11]

Ashanti. From the name of the Ashanti people in Ghana.[11]

Ashby. Old English. Meaning "Ash tree farm."[163]

Asher'. Hebrew. Meaning "Blessed, happy."[164]

Ashland. English. Meaning "Land of ash."[165]

Ashlund. Variant of Ashland, which see.[166]

Ashley. Old English. From a family name based on a place name, meaning "Ash tree clearing."[11]

Ashton. Old English. From a family name based on a place name, meaning "Ash tree town."[11]

Ashwini. Hindi. Meaning "Of great wealth; swift."[167]

Asia. Usually a feminine name, but also unisex.[14]

Asla. Finnish. Meaning "battle." Traditionally a boy's name, also used for girls.[168] [169]

Aspen. Meaning a kind of tree.[170] Keywords: nature, tree

Asthore. Irish. Meaning "Loved one."[171]

Aştî. Kurdish. Meaning "Peace, tranquility."[11]

Astin. French. Meaning "Star-like."[172] Keywords: nature, sky, space

Aston. Old English. From a family name based on a place name meaning "East town."[11]

Asuka. Japanese.[173][174]

Atalyah. Variant of Athaliah, which see.[11]

Ataru. Japanese. Meaning depends on kanji chosen: 陽 (meaning "sun"), 方, 任, 当, etc.[175]

Athaliah. Hebrew. Meaning "Afflicted of God."[11]

Atherton. English. Meaning "From Atelhere's town."[176]

Atiya. Arabic. Meaning "Gift."[11]

Atl. Aztec, Nahuatl. Meaning "Water."[177][14] Keywords: nature, elements

Atlee. English. Meaning "Lives near the woods."[178] Keywords: nature, forest, trees

Aubrey. English. From the Norman French version of the German name Alberich, meaning "Elf power" or "Elf ruler."[11][14] Keywords: mythology, magic, mystical, fantasy

Auburn. English, American. Meaning "Reddish brown."[179] Keywords: color, hair

Auden. English. Meaning "Half Danish."[180]

Audi. After the car company.[181] Keywords: technology, modern

August. Latin. Meaning "Great" or "revered."[182] Keywords: nobility

Augistine. Latin. Meaning "Great."[183] Keywords: nobility

Aulani. Hawaiian. Meaning "King's messenger."[184] Keywords: nobility

Aulii or Auli'i. Hawaiian. Meaning "Delicious."[185][186]

Aure. French. Meaning "soft breeze."[187] Keywords: elements, nature, sky, weather

Auren. American. Based on the name Lauren. Meaning "laurel."[188][189]

Auron. Variant of Auren.[190]

Aurum. Latin. Meaning "glowing dawn" or "gold."[191] Keywords: color, nature, wealth

Austin. Latin. Meaning "Great, noble."[192] Keywords: nobility

Austyn. English variant of Austin, which see.[14]

Autumn. English. Meaning the season of autumn.[193] Keywords: nature, seasons

Avalon. English, Welsh, and Celtic. Meaning "apple tree," "island of apples," and the name of a legendary place.[194] Keywords: fantasy, food, mystical, mythology

Averill. English. Meaning "Boar battle."[11] Keywords: war

Avery. English. Variant of Aubrey, which see, or derived from Alfred, meaning "Elf counsel."[11][14]

Avi (אֲבִי). Hebrew. Meaning "my father." More common as a boy name, but beginning to be used as a girl name as well. Variant of feminine Abiy, or masculine Avraham.[195][14]

Avichayil (אֲבִיחַיִל). Hebrew. Variant of Abihayil, which see.[14]

Avigal (אֲבִיגַל). Hebrew. Variant of Avigayil. Meaning "Father rejoices."[14]

Avinoam. Hebrew. Meaning "blessed father."[196]

Aviv. Hebrew. Meaning "Spring."[11]

Aviya or Aviyah (אֲבִיָּה). Variant of Abijah, which see.[14]

Avon. Gaelic. Meaning "lake."[197]

Awotwi. West African, Akan. Meaning "Eighth born child."[11][14] Keywords: birth

Aya or Ayah (אַיָּה). Hebrew. Meaning "falcon" or "vulture."[14]

Aydan. Turkish, Aramaic. Meaning "From the moon." Or a variant of the name Aiden.[198] Keywords: nature, sky, space

Ayo. West African, Yoruba. Meaning "Joy," or short for names containing that.[11][14]

Ayodele. West African, Yoruba. Meaning "Joy has come home."[14]

Ayomide. West African, Yoruba. Meaning "My joy has arrived."[11][14]

Ayotunde. West African, Yoruba. Meaning "My joy has returned."[11][14]

Aytaç. Turkish. Meaning "Moon crown."[11]

Ayunli. Native American, Cherokee. Meaning "Leader of the dance."[199]

Azar. Persian. Meaning "Fire."[11] Reference: elements

Azaria. Hebrew. Meaning "He whom God helps," or "God helps."[200]

Azia. American, based on "Asia."[201]

Azize. 1. Arabic, meaning "Powerful; beloved." 2. Swahili, meaning "Valuable."[202]

Azra. Israeli. Meaning "Pure."[203]

Azriel. Hebrew. Meaning "God helps."[204]

Azul. Spanish. Meaning "sky blue."[205] Keywords: colours

Azure. English. Meaning "sky blue."[206] Keywords: colours

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