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Neutral names starting with Q

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The list

Qadan. Mongolian. Meaning "Cliff."[1] Keywords: nature, earth

Qamar. Arabic. Meaning "Moon."[2] Keywords: nature, sky, space, science

Qi (氣). Chinese. Meaning "Breath, energy, vitality."[3] Keywords: spirituality

Qiang (槍). Chinese. Meaning "Spear."[3] Keywords: battle

Qiao. Chinese. Meaning "Pretty, handsome."[4][5]

Qimat. Hindu. Meaning "Valuable." Pronounced "CHEE mut."[6][7]

Qing. Chinese. 1. 慶 Meaning "celebration." 2. 青 Meaning "Clear, pure."[3]

Qing Yuan. Mandarin Chinese. Meaning "Deep water, clear spring."[8] Keywords: nature, elements

Qiu (秋). Chinese. Meaning "Autumn."[3] Keywords: nature, seasons

Quant. 1. Dutch. Meaning "Rogue." From a family name.[9] 2. English. From Latin, meaning "How much."[10][11] Keywords: fantasy

Quenby. Scandinavian. Meaning "Feminine," but used for girls and boys.[12]

Quennell. 1. English. Meaning "Woman battle." From a family name.[13] 2. French. Meaning "Oak tree," or "From the small oak tree." Form of Quennel.[14][15] Keywords: battle, nature, plants

Quest. American. Meaning "Adventure, search."[16] Keywords: fantasy

Quillan. Irish. Meaning "Cub."[17][18][19] Keywords: animals, nature

Quin. Irish. Meaning "Descendent of Conn." From a family name. Pronounced "Kwin." Variants include Quinn.[20]

Quinby. Scandinavian. Meaning "From the queen's estate."[21]

Quincy. 1. French. Meaning "From Quincy in France."[22] 2. English. Meaning "Fifth."[23] Variants include Quinci[24] and Quincie[25].

Quinlan. Irish Gaelic. Meaning "Very strong." Variants include Quinlyn and Quinlynn.[26]

Quirtsquip. Native American, Comanche. Meaning "Chewing elk."[27]

Quý. Vietnamese. Meaning "Precious."[28][3]

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