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is a random gender neutral name starting with U. another one!

Lists of neutral names

In alphabetical order:

An alphabetical list of neutral names starting with U, continued from the names page, which see for more information. Previous page: neutral names starting with T. Next page: neutral names starting with V.

The list

Uaine. Irish. Meaning "Green, verdant." Pronounced OON-ya.[1] Keywords: colours, nature

Udo. 1. African, Igbo. Meaning "Peace."[2] 2. German. Meaning "Wealth, fortune" or "Child."[3][4]

Uduak. West African, Ibibio. Meaning "Will, desire."[5][6] Keywords: emotion, personality, power

Ugur. Turkish. Meaning "Luck."[7] Keywords: folklore, spirituality, power

Ugra. Hindi. Meaning "Terrible" and "Powerful." Pronounced "OO-grah."[8] Keywords: power

Uk. Korean. Meaning "Dawn, rising sun" or "Fragrant."[5] Keywords: nature, morning, sky

Ulf. German. Meaning "Wolf." Can be short for Ulfert.[9][10] Keywords: nature, animals

Ull. 1. German. Meaning "Wolf."[11][12] 2. Norwegian. Meaning "Glory."[13] Keywords: nature, animals

Ulla (עוּלָא). Hebrew. Meaning "yoke." In the Bible, this is the name of a male member of the tribe of Asher. Variants: Ula.[2] Keywords: agriculture, animals, Biblical, farming

Ulli. German. Short for Ulrich or Ulrike.[5]

Ululani. Hawaiian. Meaning "Inspired by heaven; heavenly grove." Pronounced "OO loo LA nee."[14] Keywords: spiritual

Uluwehi. Hawaiian. Meaning "Lush, flourishing plants." Pronounced "OO loo WEH hee."[15] Keywords: nature

Umang. Sanskrit. Meaning "Enthusiastic."[16][17] Keywords: emotion, personality

Umi. African, Malawian. Meaning "Servant" or "Energy."[18][19] Keywords: occupation, power

Ummi. African, Malawian. Meaning "My mother."[20][21] Keywords: family, femininity, parent

Umut. Turkish. Meaning "Hope."[5][2][22] Keywords: emotion, future, personality

Unathi. South African, Xhosa. Meaning "God is with us."[5][2][23] Keywords: religion, spirituality

Unicus. American, from masculine Latin name, meaning "Unique."[24]

Unique. American. Meaning "One of a kind," "Only one," "Unlike anyone else," or "Unparalleled."[25][26] Keywords: individuality, personality

Unknown. American. Meaning "Unknown."[27] Keywords: mysterious

Urbain. French. Meaning "From the city." Pronounced "oor BAHN."[28][29]

Urban. American. From English form of Latin masculine name Urbanus, meaning "From the city." Pronounced "UR bahn."[30][31]

Uri. Hebrew. Meaning "My light," "Flame," or "Fire." Pronounced "YOO ri."[32][33] Keywords: nature, elements

Utah. Native American, Ute nation. Meaning "People of the mountain."[34] Keywords: nature

Utpala. Hindi. Meaning "Full of blossom." Pronounced "oot PAH laa."[35]

Uttama. Hindi. Meaning "Excellent." Pronounced "oot TAH maa."[36] Keywords: power

Uttara. Hindi. Meaning "Superior." Pronounced "oot TAH raa."[37] Keywords: power

Uzoma. West African, Igbo. Meaning "Good way," "The good road," or "Follow the right road." Variants: Uzo, Uzoamaka.[38][5][2][39] Keywords: travel

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