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An alphabetical list of neutral names starting with U, continued from the names page, which see for more information. Previous page: neutral names starting with T. Next page: neutral names starting with V.

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The list

Uaine. Pronounced OON-ya. Irish. Meaning "Green, verdant."[1] Keywords: colours, nature

Ubirani. Native Brazilian.[2]

Udo. 1. African, Igbo. Meaning "Peace." 2. German. Meaning "Wealth, fortune."[3]

Uduak. West African, Ibibio. Meaning "Will, desire."[4]

Ugur. Turkish. Meaning "Luck."[5]

Uk. Korean. Meaning "Dawn, rising sun" or "Fragrant."[6] Keywords: nature, morning, sky

Ulf. German. Meaning "Wolf."[7] Keywords: nature, animals

Ull. German. Meaning "Wolf."[8]

Ulli. German. Short for Ulrich or Ulrike.[9]

Umang. Sanskrit. Meaning "Enthusiastic."[10][11]

Umi. African. Meaning "Servant."[12]

Umut. Turkish.[13]

Unathi. South African, Xhosa. Meaning "God is with us."[14]


Urbain. French. Meaning "From the city."[16]

Urban. Latin. Meaning "From the city."[17]

Uri. Hebrew. Meaning "My light," "Flame," or "Fire."[18] Keywords: nature, elements

Utah. Native American, Ute nation. Meaning "People of the mountain."[19]

Uzoma. West African, Igbo. Meaning "Good way."[20]

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