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is a random gender neutral name starting with X. another one!

Lists of neutral names

In alphabetical order:

An alphabetical list of neutral names starting with X, continued from the names page, which see for more information. Previous page: neutral names starting with W. Next page: neutral names starting with Y.

The list

Xanadu. Mongolian. Meaning the Mongolian city of Xanadu.[1][2]

Xandy. Greek. Short for masculine Alexander and feminine Alexandra, which themselves mean "Man."[3][4]

Xanthe. Greek. Meaning "Yellow."[5] Keywords: colour

Xanti. Portuguese, South American. Short for Xantiago. Meaning "Flower."[6]

Xenophon. Greek. Meaning "Strange voice." Usually masculine.[7]

Xerxes. Old Persian. Meaning "Ruler over heroes." Usually masculine.[8]

Xia. Chinese. 1. 夏 (xià) Meaning "summer, great, grand". 2. 霞 (xiá) meaning "rosy clouds."[9]

Xian. Chinese. Meaning "Refined, elegant."[10]

Xiang. Chinese. 1. 翔 (xiáng) Meaning "soar, glide," or "to circle in the air (like a bird)." 2. 祥 (xiáng) Meaning "Auspicious, lucky, good luck, good omen." 3. 香 (xiāng) Meaning "Fragrant" (which is usually feminine). 4. 湘 (xiāng) Meaning "the Xiang River in southern China."[9][11][12][13]

Xiao. Chinese. 1. 晓 Meaning "dawn, morning." 2. 孝 Meaning "filial piety." 3. 小 Meaning "Little." 4. 蕭 Meaning "respectful, reverent."[13]

Xiaodan (蕭儋). Chinese. Meaning "Little helper."[14][13]

Xiaofan (蕭範). Chinese. Meaning "little obedient one."[13]

Xiao-sheng (孝聖). Chinese. Meaning "filially pious and holy."[13]

Xiao-tong (孝通). Chinese. Meaning "filially pious and progressive."[13]

Xiao-wen (晓文). Chinese. Meaning "dawn cultured."[13]

Xidorn. American. A created name from role-play gaming.[15][16]

Xihuitl. Nahuatl. Meaning "Year," "Comet," or "Year of comet."[17][13]

Xing. Chinese. Meaning "Prosperous."[18] Keywords: money, wealth, luck

Xing Xing. Chinese. Meaning "Twin stars."[19][20] Keywords: nature, sky, space, science

Xinyi. Chinese. Meaning depends on characters chosen to write it. Written either with 欣 (xīn) meaning "happy, joyous, delighted," or 心 (xīn) Meaning "heart, mind, soul," combined with 怡 (yí) meaning "joy, harmony".[9]

Xio. Spanish. Meaning "Ready for battle." Short for the name Xiomara.[21] Keywords: war

Xipil. Aztec, Nahuatl. Meaning "Noble One, of fire."[22][23][13] Keywords: elements

Xiu (秀). Chinese. Meaning "Beautiful, elegant, grace, cultivated."[24][13]

Xiuhcoatl. Aztec, Nahuatl. Meaning "Fire serpent" or "Weapon of destruction."[25][13] Keywords: war

Xochitl. Aztec, Nahuatl. Meaning "Flower." Pronounced "SOH chee" (the T and L are silent because Nahuatl orthography is different from that of Spanish).[26]

Xola. South African, Xhosa. Meaning "Stay in peace."[27][28]

Xuân (春). Sino-Vietnamese. Meaning "Spring."[9][29][13] Keywords: nature, seasons

Xue. Chinese. 1. 雪 (xuě) meaning "Snow." 2. 学 (xué) Meaning "Education, knowledge, study, learning, school."[9][30] Keywords: nature, seasons, winter, education

Xun. Chinese. 1. 勋 (xūn) meaning "meritorious deed, rank." 2. 迅 (xùn) meaning "snow."[9][31]

Xylon. Greek. Meaning "Lives in the forest." Pronounced "ZY lon."[32][33]

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