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Neutrois is an identity under the non-binary and transgender umbrellas. The word "neutrois" was created by a self-identified neutrois person named H. A. Burnham in 1995.[1] The word "neutrois" is presumably made from French neutre, meaning "neutral" or "neuter," and French trois, "three," as in third gender. Because French trois has sounds that are difficult to Anglicize, some pronunciations of neutrois in use are new-TWA,[] new-TRAW, new-TROY, new-TROYS, new-TROSS, new-TROZ, or new-TROYZ.[5] Generally speaking, neutrois is a transsexual identity, meaning that it involves gender dysphoria and a desire to transition to a gender neutral presentation. However, as a result of the diversity of people who identify as neutrois, some of them say they don't have one or more of those traits, and are no less neutrois for it. What is agreed upon is that neutrois is a nonbinary gender identity, and that people of any gender assigned at birth can have this identity.[6]

Neutrois isn't another word for androgyne. According to Neutrois Outpost, the difference between neutrois people and androgynes is gender dysphoria: "While Neutrois seek an androgynous appearance, androgynes aren't Neutrois because being Neutrois involves gender dysphoria. Androgynes don't necessarily have any difficulties with their gender identities."[7] Neutrois Nonsense expands on this difference, saying, "Neutrois is not androgyne, it’s quite the opposite. Androgyny is a combination of female and male characteristics, while neutrois is an elimination of them."[8] While these are only some definitions for androgyne, which itself has many meanings that are not agreed upon, this still highlights that people adopt the word "neutrois" for themselves because they feel the word "androgyne" has meanings that don't suit them.

In 2014, neutrois was one of 50 genders made available on the social networking site Facebook.[9]

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