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Nonbinary adjective. Relating to people whose gender is not completely and exclusively male or female.
There are many more specific words a person can use to define their identity. Some examples are genderqueer, agender, genderfluid or demigender. What matters is not the labels but the fact that they help many people around the world to express themselves.
Also, we are not new in this world! Different cultures around the world have a long history of recognising gender-variant identities.
How can I support nonbinary people?
I'm glad you asked! It's pretty easy: respect them and their decisions. Even if you don't understand at first, use their chosen name and pronouns. Talk to them (if they want to) about their identities to learn more about who they are. If they are okay with it, give them a big hug! If not, let them know that you are there for them. Finally, do some research: this wiki is a good starting point!
Dive in!
Use the following pages to learn more about nonbinary identities and how to support your gender-nonconforming loved ones:
Concepts Identities Vocabulary
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