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Dive in!
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These are the most common nonbinary identities according to the 2019 Gender Census:

  1. Nonbinary
  2. Transgender[1]
  3. Genderqueer
  4. Agender
  5. Genderfluid
  6. Questioning
  7. Genderless
  8. Androgyne
  9. Demigender (demigirl, demiboy...)
  10. Genderflux
  11. Bigender
  12. Neutrois

This is only the tip of the iceberg! You can look at the Nonbinary identities category for more, or just use the search bar at the top right of this page to look up your identity.

Practical resources

  1. The reason this is not the most frequent identity is that the Gender Census is open only to people who are not men or women exclusively and all of the time. Transgender is more common than nonbinary, but many trans people are not nonbinary.