Practical resources

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This page aims to gather practical resources that may be useful to nonbinary people and others who do not fit the gender binary. It is not expected that all of these resources will be useful to all nonbinary and gender variant people. See Nonbinary presentation and expression for discussion of the diversity of nonbinary behaviour.

Personal relationshipsEdit

These resources may be useful for people who wish to be openly nonbinary or out to friends, family and loved ones:

Identity and documentationEdit

These resources may be useful to people who wish to be publicly or legally recognised as nonbinary, or who wish to keep their legal or assigned gender confidential:

Language and pronounsEdit

These resources may be useful to people who prefer to be addressed using gender neutral or genderqueer language, pronouns and honorifics:

Gendered spacesEdit

These resources may be useful to people who are openly or perceived to be nonbinary, gender variant, gender nonconforming or gender transgressive:


These resources may be useful to people who wish to express or present a nonbinary gender or who wish to hide or change gender cues due to gender dysphoria, transition or other practical reasons:

Physical changesEdit

These resources may be useful to people who wish to remove or add gender cues or sexual characteristics, perhaps due to gender dysphoria, for practical reasons or by personal choice:

See also: Transition

Support placesEdit

A list of nonbinary-inclusive support groups and counselling services, where people can get support for a range of issues without their gender being seen as a problem.


Practical resources for making space for nonbinary people in society, and making society safer for transgender people.