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{{gallery page
| colour = #2B9D17
| identities = Neutrois
| plural = no
| identity_link = Neutrois
| gallery_content =
<gallery mode="packed-hover">
Neutrois.png|{{#simple-tooltip:Meaning|-White: neutral, unidentified or questioning gender.<br>-Green: non-binary gender.<br>-Black: lack of gender.}}
<gallery mode="packed-hover">
Neutrois null symbol.png|{{#simple-tooltip:Meaning|It can be seen as a variation on the Venus and Mars symbols that omits the prongs of either.}}
Gender-Symbol Neutrois Alternative dark transparent Background.png
Gender-Symbol Neutrois dark transparent Background.png|{{#simple-tooltip:Meaning|Based on Venus and Mars symbols, without prongs.}}
Neutrois Outpost symbol.jpg|{{#simple-tooltip:Meaning|The circles represent a null gender, a variation on Venus and Mars symbols. The additional lavender triangle is for pride in LGBT identity.}}

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