Rivers Solomon

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Rivers Solomon is an author originally from the United States; they currently live in Cambridge, England.[4]

Rivers Solomon
Place of birth California, USA
Pronouns fae/faer, they/them[1]
Gender identity

Soloman's identities include fat, Black, intersex, boi, dyke, genderqueer, agender person, and "quasi-womanthing/womanbeast/gendermalcontent".[5]


  • An Unkindness of Ghosts (2017)
  • The Deep (2019)
  • Sorrowland (2021)


« When I'm writing anything my main concern is: is this good? Is this really fucking good? Will it surprise, refresh, delight, intimidate? Is it gorgeous? Is it horrifying? Importantly, I don't want to bore anyone. I don't want to waste anyone’s time. I am a hungry, questioning creature who likes to work out my philosophical queries on the page, but I want it to be a fun ride for anyone who’s bought a ticket. I want everything I write to be striking, regardless of genre.[6] »
« i am a gender liberationist. i want to live in a world that does not coercively assign children into one of two categories & punish the ones who do not conform to it. thanks for listening, pals.[7] »


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