Robyn Lambird

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Robyn Lambird is an Australian wheelchair racer and model who has cerebral palsy. They won a bronze medal in the Women's 100m T34 at the 2020 Summer Paralympics, where they are among the first three openly nonbinary athletes to compete in the Paralympics[4], and the first openly non-cisgender athlete to win a medal.[1]

Robyn Lambird
Lambird Robyn 01 CC.jpg
Lambird in 2019
Date of birth 19 January 1997
Place of birth Darlington, United Kingdom[1]
Nationality Australian
Pronouns she/her or they/them, but okay with any pronouns "as long as it's coming from a place of respect for who I am as a person."[2]
Gender identity nonbinary[3]
Occupation wheelchair racer
Known for 2020 Paralympics



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