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* Because the transgressive nature of the gender queering is integral to the gender identity, some sissies embrace the shame and abuse as part of who they are, which can seem antithetical to some people’s idea of pride and liberation.
* Just as a sissy gender identity reclaims the implied ‘effeminate/deferential’ charges connotation with pride, so some seek to reclaim the implied ‘gay’ connotation.
* In the BDSM Fetish community, the term sissy is sometimes used for a male who with a sexual preference for feminization kink; with usage often further modified into subgroups based on how the feminization is combined with other kinks and fetishes (for instance, Sissy Maid when combined with domestic servitude, Adult Baby Sissy or ABS when combined with infantilism, etc.) As people often do with, for instance, transwomentrans women and crossdressing, people sometimes dismissively confound the sissy gender identity with sexual fetish.
* Sissy can be used as a modifier for sexual orientation terms to communicate more nuance in sexual preference beyond general terms like gay, straight, and bisexual. So, just as someone might say "bisexual and queer", they might say “bisexual sissy".