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: '''Male and masculine genders:''' female to male trans man, female to male transgender man, female to male transsexual man, F2M, intersex man, [[man]], T* man, cis male, cis man, cisgender male, cisgender man, female to male, FTM, trans male, trans man, trans* male, trans* man, transsexual male, transsexual man, transgender male, transgender man, [[transmasculine]].
: '''Female and feminine genders:''' male to female trans woman, male to female transgender woman, male to female transsexual woman, M2F, intersex woman, T* woman, [[woman]], cis female, cis woman, cisgender female, cisgender woman, male to female, MTF, trans female, trans* female, trans woman, transsexual female, transsexual woman, trans* woman, transgender female, transgender woman, [[transfeminine]].
: '''Neutral and third genders and sexes:''' [[gender neutral]], [[hermaphrodite]], [[intersex]] person, [[polygender]], two* person, [[two-spirit]] person, [[agender]], [[androgyne]], androgynes, [[androgynous]], [[bigender]], [[genderfluid]], [[gender nonconforming]], gender variant, [[genderqueer]], [[intersex]], neither, [[neutrois]], [[nonbinary]], [[other]], [[pangender]], [[two-spirit]].
: '''Terms which are not genders:''' [[asexual]], cis, [[cisgender]], trans, trans person, trans* person, gender [[questioning]].
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