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One [[notable nonbinary people|notable person]] who identifies as masculine of center is the American fashion designer and activist [[Nik Kacy]], who also identifies as [[third sex]] and and [[genderfluid]].<ref name="Coblentz">{{Cite web |title=NiK Kacy: The First Gender-Equal Luxury Footwear Line |last=Coblentz |first=Natalie Yvette |work=dapperQ |date=23 February 2015 |access-date=5 June 2020 |url= https://www.dapperq.com/2015/02/nik-kacy-first-gender-equal-luxury-footwear-line/}}</ref>
== Masculine of center characters in fiction==
There are many more [[Nonbinary gender in fiction#Nonbinary genders in fiction|nonbinary/genderqueer characters in fiction]]. The following are only some of those characters who are specifically called "masculine of center"/"masc of center", either in the canon, or by their creators.
* ''Whirlwind'', by Reese Morrison, is a collection of interconnected short romance/sex stories. One of the main characters, Carla, describes himself as [[genderqueer]] and masculine-of-center.<ref>{{cite book|title=Whirlwind |last=Morrison |first=Reese|year=2020|edition=Kindle}}</ref>
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