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{{quote|I'm [[agender]] so I don't have an [[Gender identity|internal sense of gender]] but I do [...] present as femme, and I'm okay with my body, so I consider myself to be an agender [[Cissexual|cis-sex]] woman, so I'm not quite trans in the way that people normally envision what is a trans person.<ref name="McNeill">{{Cite web |title=Bonus: Talking Feminist Astrophysics with Chanda Prescod-Weinstein|author=McNeill, Leila |work=Lady Science |date=9 May 2019 |access-date=17 May 2020 |url= https://www.ladyscience.com/podcast/talking-feminist-astrophysics-chanda-prescod-weinstein}}</ref>}}
*[https://www.instagram.com/chanda.prescod.weinstein/ Instagram]
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