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 h English (en)The editors of this wiki have not yet found the earliest recorded use of "nonbinary" as a self-identity label. It appears to have been in use during the first decade of the 2000s.
 h Spanish (es)''Véase el artículo principal en [[Special:MyLanguage/history of nonbinary gender|historia del género no binario]].''
 h French (fr)'' Voir l’article principal : [[history of nonbinary gender]] ''
 h Italian (it)"Vedi l'articolo principale [[history of nonbinary gender]]."
 h Japanese (ja)''[[history of nonbinary gender]]でメイン記事を見る.''
 h Dutch (nl)"Zie het hoofdartikel bij [[geschiedenis van de non-binaire gender]]
 h Portuguese (pt)''Ver artigo principal em [[Special:MyLanguage/history of nonbinary gender|história de género não-binário]].''
 h Russian (ru)Читайте основную статью "[[History of nonbinary gender|история небинарных гендеров]]".
 h Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw)「見主文章「非二元性別的歷史」」