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"Don't use Queer as an unbrella term" is not encyclopedic writing

Summary by Ondo

Sentence rewritten in a more neutral tone.

GutenMorganism (talkcontribs)

The "don't use genderqueer as an umbrella term" instruction is prescriptivist and instructional in a way that usually isn't in encyclopedias. Also there's no source. In keeping with encyclopedic guidelines, it should be edited to reflect "some LGBT people do not want to be under a queer umbrella," with a source, not as an instruction, but an observation of what LGBT and queer people are saying.

Ondo (talkcontribs)

Good catch! Do you have a source in mind? Otherwise, feel free to remove it. All content should be neutral, and disputed claims should have a reference!

GutenMorganism (talkcontribs)

I do! At least for the controversy among older generations. I've heard it's made a revival among younger generations, I'll see if I can track that down as well, and edit for now.

Ondo (talkcontribs)

Great, thank you! I'll close the topic then.

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