Button text This template generates a button with the same format as the MediaWiki buttons.


Full syntax:

{{button|text= |page= |logo= |external= |color= |class= }}
  1. text=, or first unnamed parameter. Text displayed in the button.
  2. page=, or second unnamed parameter. Name of the page to be linked, accepts both internal and external links.
  3. logo=, or third unnamed parameter (optional). Name of the file without the name space, displayed in the button. Example: Example.jpg
  4. external= (optional). With any value, understands the link in the page parameter as an external link. If it's empty or not used, the template will use the internal link syntax.
  5. color=. The value can be white (default), blue, or red. Each color has a meaning (see below)
  6. class=. Additional classes are available, choose from the following:
    • mw-ui-quiet, for a button without borders.
    • mw-ui-big, for a bigger button.
    • mw-ui-block, for multiple buttons that display as a block with the same width..


MediaWiki follows a consistent style for its buttons:

Button text White (neutral). Basic format for a simple action.
Button text Blue (progressive): actions that lead the user to the next step in a process.
Button text Red (destructive): actions that delete or limit something, such as deleting a page or blocking a user.

Adds a button that links to a page.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


Text of the button


Page to link; can be both an internal link (article title) or an external link (full URL).

Is the link an external page?external

Use this parameter if the link you specified in "Page" leads to an external page.

Color of the buttoncolor

Can be white (default), blue, or red.


Logo to be displayed in the button, use a file name.


Additional class. Can be mw-ui-quiet, mw-ui-big, or mw-ui-block