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Most Western societies are biased towards masculinity, regardless of who it comes from. This is why tomboys are generally applauded whilst feminine boys are more likely to be isolated and bullied (please note that this is a generalisation, not a dismissal of your personal experience of gender roles).This is the main reason for trans misogyny and 'afab privilege'. Obviously trans-friendly places often try to compensate for this. As an agender teenager who falls on the feminine side of androgyny, I've noticed that many trans and nonbinary focused groups such as Tumblr and the Nonbinary Wiki seem to be slightly biased towards femmes. There are a disproportionate amount of positivity posts towards ɡender-nonconforminɡ trans boys and all trans ɡirl posts seem to assume a stereotypical 'wants to be a princess story'. ɪ'm obviously not a professional but if any butch enbies on the Wiki have noticed anything like this I think it would be at least an interesting discussion point.