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Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The wiki is edited by volunteers who choose their topics of interest, so biases are (unfortunately) expected. You can see an example of this in the article hormone therapy, which I recently wrote but could really complete the section relevant to transmasculine people. Hormone therapy is generally a topic that is not of my interest, and researching about transmasculine transition was outright boring to me (I'm AMAB, although not really feminine). This happens with many articles, and it's an issue with being a project 100% written by volunteers.

That being said, do you have any suggestions for improvement? We can't completely fix this issue, but I'm sure that we can definitely improve. And I'm open to all feedback! :)

Feel free to join our Discord server too (and, if you prefer to keep the discussion here, I recommend you create an account, so that we can better identify your messages!)