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OP here, Wow! That was a quick response. I think you may have misunderstood the problem I was referring to. It's less a matter of bias towards the transfeminine, as it is towards the trans* who happen to be feminine. I.e. it is a matter of presentation rather than identity. I.e. the bias is towards feminine trans guys feminine trans girls and women, feminine enbies... Clearly it's not the biggest problem facing the nonbinary community, it's not even the biggest problem coming from within the nonbinary community but it is still something that should probably be recognised. The only example that comes to mind right now is there being separate flags for femme transmasc and butch transmasc whilst every variation of trans girl/woman I've seen contains pink. I know that it is unrealistic to expect this to disappear overnight but like I said before; it's something that could stand to be more widely recognised as a thing and at the very least it could be an interesting discussion point.