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On links, and references, and templates

Tacit Rhei (talkcontribs)

The ref-name this is about is "GC2020". If you do a text-search in the source, you will find that it is used quite often, (and that is not the problem). However, the position where its target is currently specified makes it so, that the reference is not carried over to Aesthetgender (starting from where I found the problem), hence there we get an error message instead of a link. I figure every of the Xenogenders listed would run into the same trouble if the Basic Information sections are copied the way it is for Aesthetgender, unless specs are copied in every instance(?), so I hesitate to do anything for now and ask for thoughts and ideas about this first.

Related: 1: On the Ethegender-page the problem seems to be solved, but it does not look pretty (two reference-markers instead of one, and at least one of them is obviously working for some reason). 2: Of the Xenogenders listed, some appear to link to another wiki-page, but five of them direct to the Xenogender-page itself. Should that stay this way (as a reminder to write something about them or something)?

Ondo (talkcontribs)

Hi! Good points all of these. I've looked for a technical solution to the issue with transcluding references, and there doesn't seem to be one. I think the best option is to repeat the full reference in the article with the transclusion, between <references> </references> tags, as I've done in ethegender.

As for the second point, I don't think there should be links pointing to the page itself unless they point to a different section (which is not the case). Feel free to remove them!

Tacit Rhei (talkcontribs)


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