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Concern about appropriation in gender-neutral names

2 (talkcontribs)

Having a bunch of distinctly Asian names on the neutral names pages encourages people of non-Asian heritage to accidentally engage in race cosplay when choosing a name, which is an issue I've seen come up a lot online (non-Asian, non-POC artists trying to pass off as Asian). I believe the same might happen for a lot of other cultures and their names too. I think it might be good to add in a disclaimer about names of different cultures and what to be aware of when choosing them for yourself, especially as someone not of that heritage.

OhGodTheLabels (talkcontribs)

What about noun-names? (Also word-names) sometimes, people use noun-names as a bad thing like this:

p1: my full name is [insert bad joke here]

p2: hello [that insert] … oh, oh no.

To fix this:

P1: my name is [insert bad joke here]

p2: hi! My pronouns are [insert uno reverse pronouns here]

p1: oh, so [uno reverse] is…oh, oh no

p2: what? *smirks*

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