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{{Personal story
| quote = I discovered that I was transgender after joking around in the art room in 8th grade, (when I was 12) and one of my friends, who was also LGBTQ+, said that the charcoal on my face looked like makeup that a transgender guy would wear. I was stunned into silence.
| name = Dalton
| age = 15
| identity = nonbinary [[transmasculine]]
'''Transgender''' or '''trans''' is an [[umbrella term]] covering all [[Gender identity|gender identities]] or [[Gender expression|expressions]] that transgress or transcend society's rules and concepts of gender. To be trans usually means to identify as a gender other than the [[Assigned gender at birth|gender one was assigned at birth]]. The category of transgender includes people who have the [[binary genders|binary gender]] identities of female ([[transgender women]]) or male ([[transgender men]]), and is often framed solely in binary terms. The transgender umbrella does include people with [[nonbinary]] gender identities, but not all nonbinary people consider themselves as transgender.
Some people consider themselves [[transsexual]] instead of (or in addition to) transgender. Transsexual is an older word that is nowadays considered offensive by some in the trans community.<ref name="Nissim">{{Cite web |title=What should you call trans people? |last=Nissim |first=Mayer |work=PinkNews |date=19 March 2018 |access-date=17 November 2020 |url=}}</ref><ref name="Abrams">{{Cite web |title=What's the Difference Between Being Transgender and Transsexual? |author=Abrams, Mere |work=Healthline |date=21 November 2019 |access-date=17 November 2020 |url=}}</ref> When "transsexual" is used, it means a trans person who has undergone or wants to undergo a medical [[transition]] through [[surgery]] and/or [[hormone therapy]].
In general, "trans"/"transgender"/"transsexual" should not be counted as a [[gender]]/[[gender identity]]. For example, a trans woman's gender is properly "woman", not "trans". However, some people do consider "trans" to be their gender, such as the writer [[Juno Roche]] and the sexologist [[Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad]].

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