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Message definition (Gender-variant identities worldwide)
* '''Name of identity:''' Kothi or koti
* '''Culture:''' India/South Asia
* '''Era:''' mid-1990s to present<ref name="Stief2016">{{cite journal|last1=Stief|first1=Matthew|title=The Sexual Orientation and Gender Presentation of ''Hijra'', ''Kothi'', and ''Panthi'' in Mumbai, India|journal=Archives of Sexual Behavior|volume=46|issue=1|year=2016|pages=73–85|issn=0004-0002|doi=10.1007/s10508-016-0886-0}}</ref>
* '''Description of sex/gender:''' AMAB and feminine.<ref name="Chakrapani">{{cite journal |title=Structural violence against Kothi-identified men who have sex with men in Chennai, India: a qualitative investigation|volume=19|issue=4|year=2007|pages=346–364|doi=10.1521/aeap.2007.19.4.346 |journal=AIDS Education and Prevention  |last1=Chakrapani|first1=Venkatesan|last2=Newman|first2=Peter A.|last3=Shunmugam |first3=Murali|last4=McLuckie|first4=Alan |last5=Melwin |first5=Fredrick |url=http://www.msmasia.org/tl_files/resources/Structural_Violence_MSM_Chakrapani_AEP_Aug07_WithLinks.pdf |archive-date=27 July 2011 |archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20110727101255/http://www.msmasia.org/tl_files/resources/Structural_Violence_MSM_Chakrapani_AEP_Aug07_WithLinks.pdf#}}</ref> Some kothis take [[hormone therapy|feminizing hormone therapy]] or undergo [[surgery|feminizing surgery]].<ref name="Stief2016" /> One kothi in a research interview said "I am a woman. Only God has given me a body of a man."<ref>{{cite journal|last=Dey|first=Soumi|title=Being A 'Kothi': An Ethnographic Interrogation with A Male Transgender in Kolkata, India|year=2013|journal= IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science|volume=11|issue=6 |url=https://www.academia.edu/4814580/Being_A_Kothi_An_Ethnographic_Interrogation_with_A_Male_Transgender_in_Kolkata_India}}</ref>
* '''Role in society:''' "Kothis are generally of lower socioeconomic status and some kothis engage in sex work for survival."<ref name="Chakrapani" /> Kothis are attracted to men, and term the men they have sex with "panthi". In the general public, the words "kothi" and "panthi" mean similarly to the American English "[[sissy]]" and "[[butch]]"; "panthi" can also refer to men in general.<ref name="Stief2016" />
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