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Message definition (Transition)
Some nonbinary people who have not yet developed any breasts already know that they do not want to have any. If they can prevent their breasts from developing in the first place, then they will not have to get surgery to remove them. If someone knows that developing breasts would be a significant source of distress ([[gender dysphoria]]), then preventing breast development can be better for their longterm mental health.
* [[Breast ironing]] is a non-surgical procedure that attempts to destroy the breast bud, so that breasts cannot develop. 
* For children and teens, [[puberty blockers]] can postpone or temporarily stop the development of breasts for as long as they are on that therapy. 
* For people who are on the female-to-male spectrum, or whose bodies do not naturally produce much testosterone: taking [[Testosterone]] or otherwise being on a [[masculinizing hormone therapy]] can prevent or temporarily stop the development of breasts, for as long as they are on that therapy. 
* For people on the male-to-female spectrum, or people whose bodies do not naturally produce much estrogen, some types of [[feminizing hormone therapy]] make it possible for someone to have a feminine appearance without developing breasts.
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