Travis Alabanza

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Travis Alabanza
Travis Alabanza-Behard by Zefrog.jpg
Travis at the National Festival of LGBT History in London in 2016
Date of birth 15 November 1996
Place of birth Bristol, South West England, United Kingdom
Nationality English
Pronouns they/them
Gender identity nonbinary[1]
Occupation poet, writer, performance artist

Travis Alabanza (aka Travis Alabanza-Behard[2]) is an English performance artist, poet and writer.

Travis has African American and Filipino heritage. They grew up in a working-class home, their family struggling with poverty.[3] Their family has always been supportive of Travis' gender and expression.[4]

Gender-wise, Travis mainly uses the labels trans and gender non conforming, but is okay with being described as nonbinary.[5]

Travis was studying Philosophy and Political Sciences at university before dropping out to become a performer.[4][6] Their first show was titled Stories of a Queer Brown Muddy Kid which they performed at Stokes Croft Arts Festival.[7]

After having a hamburger thrown at them for being trans/GNC, Travis created a theatre/poetry performance titled Burgerz, which "looks at how trans and gender non-conforming people move through the world and interact with others, questioning the responsibility that people have to each other".[8][4]

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