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Two-Spirit flag.
We-Wha, a Zuni Two-Spirit (Lhamana) person who lived 1849-1896.
Two-spirited pride marchers at San Francisco Pride 2014.

Two-Spirit, or Two Spirit, is the modern English umbrella term for MOGII identities and gender roles that are part of hundreds of Native American cultures. In 1990, the Native American/First Nations gay and lesbian conference agreed to choose Two-Spirit as an English umbrella term for some gender roles unique to Native American cultures.[1] They saw it as a better alternative to other, more problematic English labels that Westerners had applied to these gender roles, such as "berdache" and "third gender."

People who are not Native American are not entitled to call themselves Two-Spirit. That would be cultural appropriation. People who aren't Native should instead consider using labels that are available to anyone, such as bigender or nonbinary.

"Two-spirit" was one of the 56 genders made available on Facebook in 2014.[2]

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