Dominick Evans

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    Dominick Evans
    Date of birth December 26, 1980[1]
    Place of birth Toledo, Ohio, USA
    Nationality American
    Pronouns he/him, they/them
    Gender identity nonbinary
    Occupation activist and filmmaker

    Dominick Ławniczak Evans is a Polish-American filmmaker, activist, Twitch streamer, public speaker, and writer. His works and activism tend to focus on the LGBT community and the disability rights movement.

    Early life[edit | edit source]

    Evans was born in Toledo, Ohio to a Polish-American father, David Ławniczak (d. 2001), who was deaf, and American mother, Pam Ryan. Dominick grew up in Walbridge, Ohio with an older brother. Evans also has two half-brothers (from their father's first marriage) who did not live with Evans.

    Evans had a contentious relationship with their parents, particularly their mother, which escalated when Evans came out at the age of 16.[2] His father died of heart failure in 2001.[3] Evans was close with their grandparents Willis "Willie" and Melba "Noonie" Ryan, who helped raise Dominick and their older brother. His grandmother, Noonie, was a singer on the radio in Toledo and taught him to sing.[4]

    Dominick was a child actor and singer, as well as a poster child for the Muscular Dystrophy Association,[1] although they no longer support the organization, claiming it does harm to the disabled community.

    He attended Lake High School in Millbury, Ohio, where he graduated with honors in 1999. They originally attended Bowling Green State University while still in high school. They left BGSU in 2000 to attend Wright State University but they had to leave due to an injury.[1][4] He returned to WSU in 2010, where he completed his BFA in Motion Pictures Production.[4] They also spent a year studying theatre at a satellite school for the University of Michigan from 2009 to 2010.

    Evans had a difficult childhood where they were bullied incessantly at school.[5] In 2018, Dominick was featured in the book American Hate: Survivors Speak Out by community activist and professor Arjun Singh Sethi. His chapter explores an experience in high school where he was tortured by classmates as a part of a senior prank when he was a sophomore. He also talks about the rise in bullying and hate for disabled and transgender people during the Trump presidency along with his fear of being outed publicly in his neighborhood as a result of the political climate.[6]

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