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| date_birth=November 17<ref>{{cite tweet|title=It's my birthday. Feeling happy and blessed. Had a great event last night w/ @wellreadblkgirl at @greenlightbklyn and now omw to Miami for book festival!|user=cyborgyndroid|number=931552662474149888|date=17 November 2017}}</ref>
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| place_birth=California, USA
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| pronouns= [[fae/faer]] preferred, [[they/them]] ok<ref>[https://www.riverssolomon.com/bio Bio], accessed 20 March 2021</ref><ref>{{cite tweet|title-I ''know'' nobody is going to actually do this but I'd love to be referred to with fae/faer pronouns from now on. Thanks, pals. (They/them still acceptable but less preferred).|user=cyborgyndroid|number=1342115571740110853|last=Solomon|first=Rivers|date=24 December 2020}}</ref>
| pronouns= [[they/them]]
| gender= *[[nonbinary woman|nonbinary/agender woman]]<ref>{{cite web|title=SENSITIVITY READING| url=https://www.riverssolomon.com/hireme| archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20200712185256/https://www.riverssolomon.com/hireme|archive-date=12 July 2020|last=Solomon|first=Rivers}}</ref>
*"agender person"/"quasi-womanthing/womanbeast/ gendermalcontent/[[queer]]"<ref>{{cite tweet|user=cyborgyndroid|last=Solomon|first=Rivers|number=1270827714983923714|title=i don't usually talk about my gender on here because i believe as a transmisogyny-exempt agender person* who (at present) is not pursuing medical transition...that the violence i face for being non-cis is comparatively minimal. *quasi-womanthing/womanbeast/gendermalcontent/queer|date=10 June 2020}}</ref>
*quasi-womanthing/womanbeast/gendermalcontent/queer|date=10 June 2020}}</ref>
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'''Rivers Solomon''' is an author originally from the United States; theyfae currently livelives in Cambridge, England.<ref name="Coleman">{{Cite web |title=Interview: Rivers Solomon |last=Coleman |first=Christian A. |work=Lightspeed Magazine |date=November 2019 |access-date=26 May 2020 |url= https://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/nonfiction/interview-rivers-solomon/}}</ref>
Soloman's identities include fat, Black, [[intersex]], [[boi]], [[dyke]], [[genderqueer]], [[agender]] person, and "quasi-womanthing/womanbeast/gendermalcontent".<ref>[https://twitter.com/cyborgyndroid/status/1270827714983923714 Twitter thread], 10 June 2020</ref>
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