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Notability and expansion vs collaps

Tacit Rhei (talkcontribs)

- GC2021: 4 respondents gave "femflux" in the type-in section as their identity. One commented "(a non-binary feminine gender that fluxes, don’t have a good word to specify the kind of feminine gender".
- User Mx Lewis introduces themself with "I’m a Trans Femmeflux Demigirl". The same text indictes she was amab.
- tumblr: Gender Ramblings created a femmeflux-themed moodboard. I guess it is for someone who identyfies as Femmeflux. - also tumblr: Ask A Non-binary Person has an explanation for "Femme Genderflux", which seems like a related term.

Assuming "femflux" and "femmeflux" are orthografic variants of the same term, I think we can say it is notable.

However, I could not find anything resembling a definition, especially no support for the claim that being amab would be a requirement. My best guess is, that the term is somehow related to girlflux.

Also of note is Femme Flux Calgary from Alberta, Canada, an event hosting venue with an LGBTQIA+-focus.

Any ideas of what to do?

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