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The "Tri-Top style 983," by Underworks. Shaped like a cropped tank-top, with a breathable mesh back, with a heavy-duty front that feels like it's made out of the same stuff as a trampoline. It doesn't have any fasteners. You put it on by stepping into it and pulling it up. Putting it on over your head requires a lot of agility in your arms, which can get tangled in it, but some people who are wider in the lower part of their body find that this is easier. Either way, try practising by putting on a normal tank top over and over, thinking carefully about how you're moving your body to do it. Think of putting on the binder as like putting on an amazingly intractable tank top. It's very, very difficult to put this binder on over your head when the binder hasn't been broken in yet. After it's been broken in, and after you've had some practice, you can get so that you can put it on as quickly as a bra.